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  1. Won't happen. It will be fully legal after 2018. I would expect to see MI Legalize and minimum wage on the 2018 ballot and you might actually get Democrat/independent turnout in an off year.
  2. While I didn't support Trump (he would have been my 3rd choice), election day actually had some really good news for cannabis. Seven states passed legalization (some full, some medical). That's a great thing. I don't see Trump trying to roll this back and risk the backlash. People that voted for him also voted for cannabis by large measure. https://www.theweedblog.com/states-legalized-marijuana-2016/
  3. Has this site released any stats? Maybe the changes over time. Not sure on the total member count, but it seemed like there was more activity early on (which could be for a number of reasons).
  4. I apologize if my comments offended anyone. It was not meant as a blanket attack on folks on disability, especially patients. It was aimed squarely at those abusing the system and abusing patients. This thread went way off track for me after trying to honestly answer a question. I explained my take on the 'business' model as it exists as best as I understand it. This was not in relation to people caring for sick loved ones. For compensating patients for the value of their license, I was called a pimp. A f#cking pimp! I was compared to someone who abuses women and enslaves children f
  5. My anger is directed solely at those who would rip off patients and/or SSI. I also had a friend (patient) diagnosed with MS at a relatively young age. As if that wasn't bad enough, he had to fight SSI and hire a lawyer before he got his first check several years later. Why, you might ask, is so hard to get SSI?
  6. I've been a patient and caregiver and member of this site since 2009. I have personally helped a couple dozen patients and the amount I've sent through the dispensaries has helped at least 100 more. I've never made a killing off of it and my renewed effort of getting into the caregiver business only to have it pulled out from under me has left me about $6,000 grand in the hole. I have no regrets of low prices, though. Statistically speaking, I don't the know what the make up of caregivers overall is. I'd like to think I am one of the good guys. I have heard so, so many horror stories
  7. My caregiver number was off apologies. 41 is the rank of patients per 100,000.
  8. This has been my personal experience over the last 7 years. Every patient I came across looking for a CG had one bad experience after the other. And much of that was before there were dispensary options on this side of the state. I believe that is why the CG market has shrunk down to what it is; patients either grow for themselves or know patients who do. For example: there are about 4,000 patients in Muskegon County and 40 caregivers. That's a 100 to 1 ratio, yet, you'll be darn luck to find a patient especially one willing to sign over the plants, for free. As I pointed out earlier,
  9. #PotMeetKettle Seriously, you are splitting hairs on legality? I take it you never experienced marijuana until you got your license in 2009? The dispensaries I worked with all had the approval of local elected leaders, the sheriff, and the community (that's not to say they were technically legal at the state level and certainly not at the federal level). Patients got the ability to walk into a clean, safe atmosphere and pick from two to three dozens strains at any one time. The patients were never charged more than $10 a gram and less if they bought in bulk. They could pay even les
  10. Can't we have both? The ability to grow plants and do what we choose with them and use isolated/synthetic compounds proven to work through clinical trials?
  11. Pimp? If that is what you call a patient getting a free ounce a month and additional ounces for $150 because the dispensary pays the bills.
  12. Because that model is based on selling overages to your local dispensary. They will no longer be buying from caregivers and patients.
  13. I don't know if there's been a poll of left to right politics of members here, but I am guessing Rest is the furthest to the Left - probably a couple standard deviations from his nearest neighbor
  14. I know law enforcement has based every single raid in this area on the fact that they sent a patient with a valid card into a dispensary and bought marijuana from someone who was not registered to them as a caregiver. Whether a judge let's them assert that a defense after the fact, I have no idea. But I am guessing you an explanation to say otherwise.
  15. Given that there is no limit on the number of licenses issued by the state and the large number of dispensaries being open without legality, I would expect to see an explosion in the number of growers, processors, and retailers the first few years of this new law. I am thinking that will flood the market to the point where the price gets low enough that folks who planned to build a business on $300 ounces will go out of business. People who use marijuana will either get a card so they can grow for themselves and/or use a dispensary. Or they won't get a card and just buy from their friend
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