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  1. If you need someone to turn your seeds into mom's for cloningI'd be happy to help. I'm in the Detroit area and have no problem getting seeds to grow into healthy plants.
  2. Genotype A2 in Ann Arbor frequently these genetics in stock.
  3. I have a patient who has advanced ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's disease). He is 100% housebound and no longer travels for any reason. His physician, nurses and therapist all come to his house because he can't leave (his wife's car is not capable of transporting him, either). While his current doctor won't sign his certification form, he has no problem with him using medical marijuana. So what I need to know is if there are any certification doctors who would be willing to make a house call. My patient lives in the Pinckney area. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I followed these directions to the letter last fall and the results were disastrous. I've been using Physan for years to clean lines but had never heard of anyone using it directly on roots. I made a 1/4 strength solution and soaked 6 of my plants' roots in it for 10 minutes, followed by a thorough flush. Within 48 hours all of these plants were very dead. The Physan poisoned them completely. It would have taken a week or two for the brown slime to slowly kill them off, but in this case they started wilting after a few hours. As for the tea, it didn't stop the slime at all. I brewed it and added to 3 different DWC buckets, and all had to be emptied within the week after it made a nice organic stew. I've since gone back to keeping a sterile reservoir by using Dutch Master Zone at each nutrient change along with small weekly additions of bleach (sodium hypochlorite).
  5. Hillary is done. No matter how bad Trump flops over the next four years, her political career is over. In 202 she will be 73 and a two-time loser in presidential races. I'm sure she realizes that the way forward for the left is with a new generation of leaders like Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, etc.
  6. Even better than Belle Tire: support your local tire store or garage, or if you really want to save $$ try Costco.
  7. Has anyone used the electric scissors like the Bonsai Hero ($500) or Testarossa ($180)? One grower I know swears by them, but the price is insane. He insists that they pay for themselves over time. I'd like to hear more first-hand testimonials before dropping that sort of money.
  8. Sap Off Soap (SOS) is an absolute must-have item. Removes stuff as good or better than alcohol, but doesn't dry your skin out (it actually moisturizes it). And it's pretty cheap, too.
  9. I think that's overkill. If anything, you might wear out your chillers faster because they will turn on and off more often than necessary since their output far exceeds what you'd need to keep150 gallons cool. And I would agree that, since it's flood and drain, keeping your temps down isn't that important (but it will make it harder for some sort of pathogen to grow in the rez, so that's one benefit).
  10. FWIW: Was just doing some research on the UV effect and it was mentioned how UV is most beneficial to plants that originally hail from higher elevations where UV would be common, i.e. mountainous sativas. The authors said there was no benefit gained by equatorial strains that come from lower elevations, i.e. many indicas. YMMV.
  11. I've been running 400 watt CMH bulbs since 2010. They are outstanding in every respect but one - you can't get them as 1000 watters. Everything you said about them is correct, and I'll add another benefit. They last forever compared to MH or HPS with very little loss in output. While MH and HPS have a steady loss of lumens throughout their lives, CMH stays bright until it croaks. I've got one in my veg room that will be 3 years old in August and it's at 90% of it's original output (18 hours/day). If I was using a regular MH I'd be swapping bulbs every 6 months. They are also jacketed so they are safe to run exposed (as opposed to in a hood with glass). They supposedly run cooler than MH or HPS, too, although I can't verify that claim. I can confirm that you can't run them on a digital ballast. Took about 1/4 second to cook a new bulb when I forgot that.
  12. I looked into UV lights a while back, and one of their downsides is you have to be very careful how close you get them to your buds. They need to be close enough to make a difference in the trich formation, but if they get too close they will actually degrade the THC big-time. It seemed like the only way to effectively use them was in SCROG. I used to use a CMH light as a finishing light for the last two weeks. Unlike MH or HPS, their spectrum is pretty flat across the board (like the sun). I got the benefit of all the blues that foster THC and/or frostiness without giving up the red/yellow that packs on yield.
  13. If this happens I will leave the state. This would be an absolute nightmare on so many issues, not just medical marijuana. http://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2015/02/23/schuette-raising-campaign-money/23876929/
  14. Saw the Snoop episode last week. Ricky seemed pretty baked - he just grinned and hardly said a word. Bubbles and Julian coulda passed for sober. I'm not normally a fan of Snoop but he was hilarious.
  15. The Cannatonic #4 I've been growing looks very indica with fat leaves and a bushy growth structure. Yield is acceptable and taste and smell are fantastic! As for the effect, I don't even think of it as marijuana since it's so different. No stone or high at all and doesn't make me sleepy (although I harvest it 60 days - perhaps waiting longer would allow the tiny amount of THC to convert to CBN). It does have fantastic anti-anxiety and muscle relaxing abilities. Pain relief is hit or miss; some things it fixes completely (musculo-skeletal pains) others not so much (neuropathy). Without a question it's the most important addition to my garden in 5 years simply because it's like nothing else.
  16. Thought I read something one time about certain receptors in the brain that are only turned on by cannabis that goes through the stomach, not the lungs. Could this have something to do with the 11-hydroxy-THC? The article implied that eating even a small amount of (decarbed) marijuana activates these receptors, which in turn allow the brain to process the delta-9-THC more effectively. I don't know if it's a placebo effect or not, but we have tried this several times and it seems to work. I'll eat a small amount of medible (1/4 dose) and wait an hour before vaping. The medible alone has no effect on me, but the vape seems to hit way harder and faster than normal.
  17. The sheriffs don't give a chit about traffic safety. They're concerned about losing an easy source of revenue. Same reason they like to bust marijuana users vs. going after meth labs or crack houses - they like soft targets.
  18. That's where I saw the complaints on the Plantmax. 5 out of 21 reviews were either DOA or shortly thereafter. It appeared that nobody was compensated. I've used Hortilux, Plantmax, GE, Philips, Venture, and Digilux and never had a problem with any of them save for a Digilux that only lasted 4 months. Since I bought it from my local shop they just swapped it out for a new one.
  19. For people who have bought online, have you had any luck with replacing bulbs that are either a) dead on arrival, or b) die within the 1 year warranty period? I've heard several stories of people getting a great deal on a bulb via Amazon, etc., but it shows up dead or dies within days, and then the seller refers them to Plantmax for the warranty rather than just treating it as a normal return-and-replace. Nobody seems to have had success getting through to the manufacturer. I'd love to save 50% on my bulb purchases, but if I've got no recourse on duds I'd rather just support my local grow store.
  20. Not taking sides on the mag vs. digi debate, but one important plus to throw in for the digitals is the ability to change your wattage. When summer is rockin, I often need to turn down my 1000s to 750 or even 600 because of heat issues. In winter I kick them up to the "super lumens" setting which is around 1150. When I ran magnetics, I had to completely turn off one or more lights in the room.
  21. I haven't heard good news on the Lumatek air-cooled units. My grow store has a much higher return rate on them than the old-style (no fan) units. I'm running 4 of the "classic" blue Lumateks and they've been bullet-proof, including one which was dropped 5 feet onto a cement floor and still runs.
  22. I've dealt with him several times. Great guy, very straight up and honest, not shady like some folks in our field.
  23. Not sure about JTR, but some (lots?) strains may never go amber on you - especially sativa-dominant ones like JTR. Frankly, I wouldn't want my sativas to go amber, since that indicates the degradation of THC into CBN. If you're looking for something more sleepy, grow an indica!
  24. What garyfisher said. This runs counter to prevailing wisdom that says you get better success from clones taken from lower branches due to higher concentrations of auxins in the older growth. Could be that the lower branches in this case hard more woody stems, thus making it more difficult for them to root versus the softer, fresher growth up top. I wouldn't draw any conclusions from this experiment.
  25. Haven't heard of this before. Would be awesome if true for many people. http://marijuana.com/news/2014/08/is-black-pepper-the-cure-for-marijuana-anxiety/
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