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  1. Hey guys, I don't drop in often anymore. I have been rather busy, but I do check the site on occassion. This thread is the first positive thing I have seen going on here in quite awhile. Good to see so many of the old gang pulling together. Take Care, ______
  2. Hello my old friend..How are you?

  3. I would like to become a caregiver. I getting ready to retire and have back problems. Can a caregiver also use?

  4. That's one quick turn around. Last October I had my renewal turn around in three weeks. Get this, my caregiver only had a paper drivers license with no photo ID and they still renewed us.
  5. I used to think the same way, that people should not be able to get certified without a serious condition and records to prove it. After thinking it through I have come to the conclusion that the more card carying patients there are, the more normal it becomes. Also if it was not for the motel doctors many patients, who really do have serious conditions which warrant using marijuana medically, would not have access to cards due to their own doctors not being willing to sign. I also don't advocate cutting off access to other prescription drugs because some people abuse them.
  6. I'll Just leave this here. http://www.economist...118857&fsrc=rss
  7. No, he wants to bring in people who will create jobs. The same people who take the initiative to move from a their own country to better themselves are the kind of people who are likely to start businesses. Lazy people don't have the initiative to start businesses and create jobs. I should know, I'm lazy.
  8. I have been out of the loop due to school and other stuff going on in my life. I did hear about this case, but I'm not clear on why the DEA wants this information. I know they don't want it to be able to clear the accused of charges and being federal they don't need it to prosecute the accused. I wonder if they are going after the doctors? Has anyone heard why the DEA wants these patient records?
  9. No, even worse, he gave the clinic cash, and they said they would mail a check to the state. I think the money is just gone, gone like the wind. Maybe the clinic sent it in but by the time he waits for the card it will be to late to use that recommendation to apply for a card if it doesn't come.
  10. Never took a picture, but I found a spot on my property where the grass (tall grass) was laid over in a circle. The circle was around 12' diameter. Kind of freaked me out. I think it was probably a strange circular wind that did it.
  11. Oops my bad. I knew that too. I was not reading what I was writing. thanks Annie.
  12. The other night my wife was having a major flare up of her fibromyalgia. She of course knows that I'm a patient but has only smoked about five times in her life, the last time was over three years ago. She was in incredible pain to the point that she was in tears. I was rubbing her back and trying to calm her when she asked if we could go smoke. I said sure, thinking she wanted to go have a cigarette. She explained that she wanted some of my marijuana to see if it helped with the pain she was in. As you all already know, it helped her a lot and she was feeling way less pain in a short time. She is now thinking about talking with her doctor about getting the card. Just thought I would share this news with you guys.
  13. You might even want to contact the prosecutor before your case and show your card. They may decide to drop it.
  14. Your card will mean even less to police from another state than it does to some of the jerks right here.
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