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  1. nice, thxs for the reply. I want to run a gavita, but im limited by ceiling hieghts of 7.5 feet. With trays on short stands, i end up with roughly 3 feet of distance between canopy and lights.
  2. You dont run into issues with the gavita's being so close?
  3. Specific reason you went with 8 sites as opposed to 12, certainly seems you have the space.
  4. Nice, waiting for pictures. I think the chiller is probably the most important, and most often left out piece of equipment in a set up like this. Good luck and happy harvests.
  5. ^^^thats actually a really conservative estimate...if we were allowed to operate in such a manner.
  6. Nope, never would do it. I lived in lincoln park awhile pack, and they wanted people to register. The city attorney was my family lawyer before he was the city attorney for many years, he flat out said dont register but couldnt tell me why. A few months later, they wanted all registered caregivers to move to a specific part of the city, zoned for industrial.
  7. I mean..if they wanna be like colorado, why couldnt they of implemented thier system, which allows caregivers to run large ops and go straight to patients.
  8. Yah..i thougt colorado's medical market only has a 3 percent tax anyway.
  9. Nice i wombat, looks like a very full canopy.
  10. This was a great morning read lol. I laughed more than a few times.
  11. some machines, that is exactly what they do. Tumble it to break off dried leaves.
  12. Trimmer machines...i prefer to give the work to less fortunate patients.
  13. All i got from this story is, they knew the were coming and left.
  14. if you can swing the side effects, or are one of those ppl that dont get them. Chantix does work, my mom and wife both used it to help them quit. Both of them only reported VERY vivid dreams, and i know what they mean. I tried it years ago, i didnt really want to quit, so it didnt work...but them dreams...they are in a category all by themselves.
  15. I have a few friends going to this..one will be dressed up as a giant blunt. His afro will be temporarilly died the color of ash. Edit for spelling.
  16. Or if i get two that are drastically different, i may keep em both.
  17. Nice, yah i have a 12 pack. Popped all of them, i have little fresh rooted cuts i put in flower a bit ago, all showing sex or starting too now. 2 confirmed females and two confirmed males thus far, im gona take the females and do a second round of culling on a seperate run to pick the best two pheno based on my likes and that of patients, and then bring it down to one. Same thing with the death stomper as well.
  18. Not into cali connection, nor seeds of it. I would only be interested in the original cut.
  19. Still have not been able to get my hands on the chem 91sk va, really want that baby to begin some breeding with these buetiful males of ghost train haze and death stomper. Might even consider working with this snake oil male i have. Have not been able to get flowers for the snake oil to try yet, but my patients and i are both hoping it fulfils its cbd high duties.
  20. i think it is probably even more than what is show in these reports, then you also still have the black market alive and well here also.
  21. Now 3, with say 2 patients each..eh..in a warehouse setting, with hard walled barries, like office spaces...maybe. Still, probably a bad idea.
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