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    • The MMMA is now offering ways to sponsor and support the ever growing Medical Marihuana community and in turn promote your business.  Since 2008 the MMMA website has been actively supporting and bringing to front lines the stories, court cases and public opinions regarding the efforts to stop the destruction of peoples lives and futures in the medical marijuana conflict.  See the advertisement section of the store or review our advertising info sheet.
    • The compliance verification and business development is a growing avenue to protect yourself from issues that may arise from the ever changing and confusing Michigan Medical Marihuana laws.  You should have a legal team on your side and a compliance verification review before venturing into the area of Medical Marijuana no matter how big or small your interest may be. 
    • The security product line will be updating to offer you quality equipment with a variety of services and support.  Specialized installation to protect and monitor your property and rights are also offered. Check it out
    • JOIN THE LEGAL DEFENSE ALLIANCE.  This membership to the LDA includes free and discounted legal services, member only discounts and member only legal information and more.  Read more about this here

MMMA Memberships

Yearly membership in the MMMA. The membership fees go toward the continuing education and community involvement that the MMMA has been supporting for over 10 years.

Patients - Caregivers - Physicians - Businesses

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (MMMA) is a nonprofit organization that is funded by memberships and donations. The MMMA has been dedicated to providing a place where the community can discuss and educate one another about information related to medical marijuana and similar topics since 2008.

The MMMA is an on-line community that provides a place where medical marihuana patients, caregivers, physicians and those interested in the business as well as general members and visitors can discuss, learn and provide information with one another.

The MMMA also advocates on behalf of the community fighting to add qualifying conditions and additional protections for those recommended to use medical marijuana as well as fought for the legalization of recreational use of marijuana.

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