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Grow Report Template

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* Appearance: general description of the plant in vegging

* Vigour :

* Pigmentation:

* Branching :

* Leaf traits :

* Growing requeriments: Feeding requeriments, humidity, temperature,ventilation, best kind of soil etc ..

* Phenotypical diferences in growing traits : Differences that could show the different phenos in the strain while growing.

* Aroma during vegging :




*minium of time to reach sexual maturity:

* critical photoperiod : Aproximate minium photoperiod to induce flowering

* General description of the flowering: flower distribution in the plant, different stages of flowering, general description of appearance,size and density.

* Flowering time :

* Flower/leaf ratio :

* ovary description:

* pistil description:

* male flower description :

* aromas :

* resin production : how, when and where the resin and trichomes are concentrated

* Flowering requeriments :Humidity, feeding and ventilation conditions in each stage of the flowering .

* Porcentage and kind of hermaphrodistism :

* Phenotypical differences in the flowering :

* Autoflowering


Final product


* Curing : best conditions of curing and minium of time to start to show good atributes

* Appearance: shape, colour ,density of cured buds.

* Aroma :

* Smoke: colour and aroma of the smoke.

* Taste :

* Potency :

* Kind of high:

* Tolerance :


Adaptability Observations :


* to indoor growing:

* to different climates and latitudes :


Breeding and preservation observations :


* General positive traits to maintain in preservation and breeding

* General negative traits to try to avoid in breeding

* dominant/recessive traits in the outcrossing/hybridation:

* stage of preservation : Number of generations from the original seeds



Off line version...


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super nice i like check sheets and was woundering if you had one for patients to use when looking for a cgiver and simple guide on selection for the patient in concerns to strans, quality and selection. if you created this chart the growers sheet then i would like to see your work for patient and caregivers who work with patients. kinda a buyers and consumers guide .

i used to love to do check sheets called "pm sheets" prevenative maintence on fleets of big trucks

we won fleet awards with the pm sheets a b and c type taylored to the fleet and the data was used to track fleet savings and cents/mile

you could also write custom taylored sheets to different grows. cool sounds cutting edge this new economy and green business finally the smartest people can not be undersold so easy.

its nice of you to share

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I made them into documents for microsoft word. The first one is attached to this message and the second uploaded here... http://www.sendspace.com/file/f9l3tu

Bummer it says


Sorry, the file you requested is not available.


Possible reasons include:


- File date limit has expired.

- File was not successfully uploaded.


It is not possible to restore the file. Please contact the uploader and ask them to upload the file again.

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Diddo, can not download the template. I wounder if you can send it as a pm attachment?

If so and it would not be much of a prob to you please send it to me.


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