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Chat Room?

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Guest OxXGarfieldXxO

Guys...this has happened before....It'll happen again later most likely. It's an IPB problem we can't control. All we can do is wait them out. It'll be fixed by them as soon as it can just like it has been many times before with this false "room full" type error.


Just be patient.

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Guest 1TokeOverLine

Thanks Big Cat - TUVM Bb - it's good to be back from the dead. (I think) LOL


The problem went away, as usual, but while I was in chat others commented they had a tough time getting in until the user count went down. Rofl


Patience, jackass, patience. (unkown author)



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well, it was pointed out that chat was not only working again, for the first time in 5 months, but was somehow connected with the Joe site and both were being merged together.


trippy. anyway I suspended chat till the tech's can look at how/what is going on. We sure don't need to hear from him! I liked chat, hopefully we can get it back soon

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We've done a world class job at silencing those that aren't in alignment with certain agendas. Patients and Caregivers in Colorado are second class citizens there, unless they own a dispensary.

your not new here. are you saying I'm silencing Joe Cain?? thats a good one!!


we were attacked and the site hijacked. I suspended chat as a safety measure. it will be looked into and hopefully back soon

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No I'm not saying that you specifically did that, of course not. I've come to respect your words and choices as a moderator. This thread is about chat so my comments are obtuse in here.


I'm saying that things may not be as it seems. A very common theme in the politics of money.

Ask Herbert Reyes!

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I believe I have asked this question b4, just in case I will ask again.


Can we do something with the chat program or w/e on the site?


I have no issues in any other chat room, here it lags so badly I give up.


The indexing is not very user friendly either, imo.


I would like chat to be utilized more often and am wondering if maybe other members

have had the same problems or feel that the indexing is just a put off also ?  :)

Maybe if it were 'friendlier' more people would indeed ... chat ?

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I will try this again in a new topic.


I have the worst trouble with the chat program here as it lags terribly.

I am constantly needing to refresh my page.

I do not have this issue in any other chats that I visit.


Anyone else find this a problem ??


Also, is there a way to change the chat format or w/e ?

I don't find the way it indexes to be especially 'user friendly'.


I really think getting the chat program updated/ changed (?) would possibly get more

members into chatting (?), jmo.


Thanks for your consideration.

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