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Organic Soil Recipes

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I buy my soil one bag at a time.  This was $400.

is that from Morgan composting Gary?   they supply the dairy doo product line?   http://www.dairydoo.com/retail-store/   i have considered many times switching to them.. i hear you can go and ge

I was (still am?) willing to do the heavy work up front (mixing heavy soil) to ensure an easy go there after. It has not worked out that way for me so far and it is back breaking work w/ out a mixer

when I make like this tea I add some compost to bubbling water. It sits in there, gets added to, and used up, forever in the corner. Works with composted dirt/poop etc.  cheap and easy ferts for anyone. Some added fungi/bacteria will start it faster, outside dirt is ready in a week or so in my experience. Worm compost is hot and ready quicker and goes along way. cow/rabbit/chicken poop are awesome for this.

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One of the easiest ways I found to get started was simply using the Clackamas coots recipe. It's simple and it works.


1 part peat moss, 1 part compost, 1 part aeration.


1-1.5 cups of each crab meal, kelp meal, and neem cake per cu ft.

4 cups each of basalt, gypsum, and oyster shell flour per cu ft.


Coots keeps the p pretty low. I guess some sources high in p can have a negative impact on the mycos. He recommends a low P recipe.


Hopefully I'll catch you today, imi.

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Okay... I asked about the 'compost' as it is such an encompassing term. 


I have all those ingredients Sune, except the crab meal and neem cake.

His recipe was where I am going to start. 


My issues appear to be P and Ca, at least that's what it looks like to my

untrained eye.


I came across a foliar or drench feed of Coconut water as it has Ca, P and Mg.

I hope it will help my ladies, they did perk up after the 1st. application.  I shall see.


I wasn't planning on getting out today but, now I just might :) 

Prob not till around 1pm.

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An organic soil can be amended with only a handful of ingredients, such as the following: Compost. An organic base material such as peat moss or coco coir. An aerating agent such as perlite or vermiculite.

Begin with mix your base 

1 part compost of your choice.
1 part coco coir and/or peat moss.
1 part perlite.

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