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Does Anybody Use The Water From Their Dehumidifier?

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Heck yeah. I use mine too. I also ran the drain tubes from my mini-split A/Cs into my water barrels. It's as good as what comes out of my RO machines.


By the way, doesn't Sam's club = Walmart? Or are we over that already? ABC Warehouse has really good prices too.

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I guess some units have copper coils inside of them that the water passes through..... I'm not sure if mine does or not

Well we have copper plumbing throughout the whole house...So should I not drink the tap water. Or not feed the tap water to the plants either. I would need some scientific proof to get me to stop using it. :D

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"Dehumidifier water can be used for watering container plants and in hydroponic reservoirs. It reads 10ppm or less on a TDS meter. Water that sits stagnant can harbor mold and bacteria however, so you may want to oxygenate the water before using it. Oxygen levels are easily increased by shaking it in a jug or adding hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the harmful bacteria and your plants will benefit from the extra oxygen. The dehumidifier water is very soft water, since it has been recondensed from vapor which lost its mineral content when it evaporated. Many people use it to soften their tap water.


WARNING: Dehumidiers often employ copper tubing. If the resulting water is 10ppm its possibly 10ppm of copper. Adding this to your reservoir every time will start concentrating the metals-- since plants only need under 1ppm of copper, using this water could accumulate to the 100ppm toxicity level."


From the good old OG faq




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I have been using mine since I started growing. It is very clean and runs 26ppm always. The copper coils only collect the humidity it does not pass through the tube. Like Nigel said you have copper plumbing. The ph changes from 5.6 - 6.2. You know it has no chlorine or chemicals in it and your green.

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