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Where To Get A Recertification In Wayne County?

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Wheres everyone in the metro detroit area going to get recertified? mellow.gif


I read somewhere else that the thcf clinic charges $200 for a recertification i thought that i read last year when i got my card that my next visit would only be $160? blink.gif


Hello KD i would call them and let other know what they tell you i will do the same

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so i called and it all depents the most $ is 160 for renewals and it gos down from their and the least is 125$ so their you go biggrin.gif

THCF Medical Clinics

www.thc-foundation.org28384 Franklin Road

Southfield, MI 48034-5503

(248) 353-2274


thank you for posting this.im sure alot of people including myself have been wondering about this.have a great day bobandtorey.biggrin.gif

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Walk in clinic no appointment needed. Just take all your documents with you that day.


(313) 769-3985

Tel-Ford Medical Walk In Clinic

2220 N Telegraph

Dearborn Heights, MI, 48128


I called them was put on hold for a half hour twice so i drive there call for directions enroute they say they are closed at 6 pm?

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