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Michigan Medical Marijuana Law On University Campouses.


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well you have not had any one repond to this because they don't know i would not use your Meds @ school and you should be OKsmile.gif


I agree with B&T. I have heard of students having some resistance from the powers that be. I remember them saying something about being proactive & going to see a student advocate of some kind. I bet if you searched "campus" or "student" here you might find somthin................ Be careful, good luck. ........go blue........sorry its in my contract.............

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So, how the Michigan Medical Marijuana law on an university campous like Michigan State University and such? Is the paitent fully protected from legal trouble?



Well, I do a lot of business around the Michigan State University area, and have gotten numerous inquiries from both students and faculty, so I have contacted campus police to ask this very question. Their response to me was that the Michigan law does not change the school's drug free workplace/schools policy, and that anyone caught in possession of, or under the influence f any controlled substance would be referred for legal and disciplinary review. In other words, marijuana is NOT welcome on campus.


I'm not entirely surprised. Any school receiving federal funding must agree to all federal laws or risk losing that funding. To be safe, keep marijuana off campus (nevermind that it has been on campuses since campuses came into existence; especially here at MSU...Go Green!)

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