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Big Daddy's Open House

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Big Daddy’s Management Group and Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine would like to invite everyone to our Open House this Saturday, May 8, from 10am – 7pm.


We will have free food from coffee, bagels, and donuts to sloppy Joe’s, hot dogs, salad, chips & pop.

Big Daddy will be raffling off Signature Systems, cloners and more!! We will also have tons of door prizes!!

HUGE SAVINGS SATURDAY ONLY!! Only during the open house hours we will be offering amazing discounts on systems, equipment, magazines, and much more. We are offering all hydro equipment and supplies at wholesale price. We have a Light Package including a 6 inch air cooled hood, a digital switchable 600w ballast and 600w H.P.S. bulb for $299. 1000w is $350. We have a 12 Bucket Hydroponic System for $325 and 24 bucket system for $425. 20% off all other systems. We will also have the 50L bags of Hydroton for $22.


Memberships to our private clubhouse will also be available.


The open house is open to the public but you will need your card or your doctor’s recommendation and copy of cashed check and your id to enter the private clubhouse.


We hope everyone can stop by. Please contact our office if you have any questions or comments.


248-399-5299 or Bigdaddys2006@yahoo.com

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