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Cereal City Compassion Club Hosts Michigan Holistic Health

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Do you need to get certified? Does your MMJ Card need to be renewed? Come join us at Cereal City Compassion Club 357 Columbia Ave West, Suite B, Battle Creek, MI 49015 this Saturday May 8, 2010 from 3pm - 8pm for our First Michigan Holistic Health Clinic Date with Dr. David Crocker. He will be certifying patients and filling out renewals for patients around Battle Creek that can not make it to his Kalamazoo Clinic!! Please contact Maggie, Mark, Scott or Kristin @ 269-660-0656 for more information.

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If you know of anyone that needs to get certified please have them fax their doctors records c/o Cereal City Compassion Club Clinic Date May 8, 2010 to Michigan Holistic Health 269-382-1197. If you would like to call them their number is 269-382-1189. Michigan Holistic Health is also requesting that anyone that will be faxing in their doctors records to also go to www.michiganholistichealth.com or call them directly to answer some personal questions.

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Dr. Dave is a good Doctor. He is fully HIPPA compliant. It is a very good thing that he is visiting compassion clubs to do certifications. I spoke with Dr. Dave last week. He fully supports our cause.



Your right Blueberry....its nice to see Dr.Crocker doing clinics at compassion clubs,kinda like home Dr. visits. Not to mention that he is kicking back a % of money to the club from his referrals for patients...WHAT A AWESOME GUY!!

A great way to help keep compassion club doors open in the area....Big THANKS goes out to Dr.Dave Crocker!!


You would never catch a regular Dr. going around an helping sick folks!

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The DOCTOR will be in town > Battle Creek

Come on out an get your certification today !!



Thanks goes out to DR. Dave Crocker an Cereal City CC...as we registered 14 new patients today!!

Congrats to the new patients on there new freedom from harsh PILLS....!!

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