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Patient In Need Of Meds.

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Hi all I looking for someone who can help me out. I am out of My MM and cant afford to "donate" If anyone has any to spare even if it is to get me through today let me know my E-mail is wjhjr420@att.net I am in alot of pain and depression is a complain too. Help me help you I am also caregiver for but my crops are only 1 month old and my patient is only got enough from our last harvest to get him through for about a week. I been to compassion meetings but Dont have the 20 dollars to join yet got to hang out for a bit.Long enough to see that the people there are wanting a donation of 20+ dollars for 1gram of medicine. It all looked fine and dandy but unless I hit the lotto and get the government to pay all my bills for me I will never be able to afford it..So if anyone can help me out e-mail me. I may be able to help you out in some ways I am really good aT FIXING THINGS AROUND THE HOUSE OR ON CARS so maybe I could do something for you in return Thank You and have a great day......AND I LIVE IN BAY CITY


Guess an e-mail would help my e-mail is my s/n @att.net

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