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Wild Mmj?

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I used to find what I thought was pot growing around parking lots in the grass. It looked just like pot plants except it had little yellow flowers on it instead and had NO detectable thc in the plant. The plants were :blink: about 1 ft tall.

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My buddy from Illinois always said it grows wild everywhere around where he is from and I would say bs so last fall we took a midnight run down to the middle of nowhere.


We pulled down a two track between huge cornfields and sure enough we began to see it in the headlights. This was indeed cannabis, it had gone to seed and probably the worst ditch weed in the world but sure enough it was everywhere.


He heard that migrant workers would throw their seeds in between the fields for next year when they returned. Some of it had decent size buds but it was really worthless.


Still it was cool to see!

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