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Areo Vs Hydro


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B) Greetings my fellow growers...I would like some info from all of you, on the pro's and con 's of hydro v.s. areo....I want to set up a system, been a dirt-farmer til now....any info would help greatly! waiting for some info, thanks....Angel of Nursey B)


Aero is a form of hydro, so heres a pro's and cons list of aero, what other methods would you possibly be interested in using?

The Advantages


Roots are well oxygenated

Roots contain large amounts of well developed root hairs (in contrast with hydroponics)

Roots are subjected to a uniform environment.

Roots can be continuously observed for prolonged period.

Intact root samples can be collected.

Roots are free of slimes of fungi and bacteria.

One can study effects of starvation for a particular nutrient, without interference from changes in concentration of other nutrients, temperature and pH.


Excellent aeration is the main advantage of aeroponics. Trials imply an important relationship between low water level and increased air space - the importance of oxygen in supporting the intensive metabolic processes associated with root formation and subsequent growth is well recognised.


For propagation purposes, aeroponics is well proven. Experiments in Israel to assess aeroponics as a plant propagation method, and to determine the effect of disolved oxygen on the rooting of cuttings, produced some interesting results. Both Chrysanthemum (herbaceous cuttings) and Ficus (woody cuttings), noted as difficult-to-root species, responded to increased dissolved oxygen concentrations. The number of roots and total root length increased as dissolved oxygen increased.




The Disadvantages




Apart from the relatively high set up costs, the technique is mechanically quite elaborate, susceptible to malfunction, requires precise regulation and control of water and nutrients, and has no buffer capacity to sustain even slight deviations or occasional malfunctions. A major drawback to many nozzle systems is the accumulation of salts at the nozzle tip. In the event of blocked nozzles or breakdowns going unnoticed, plants may be irrepairably damaged in a relatively short time.


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If you wanna go through the setup and maintenance of aero do it by all means, aero is some of the best smoke ive ever had other then some fine organics. Any way of growing works, i personally do hempy buckets because of the simpicity, nft and dwc would be some other great methods as well.

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