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Hello Everyone!

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" Devin "


Welcome to MMMA 2.0


Try to get to several Compassion Meetings .... Please


Growing your own is a Great Ideal and once you get started

you' ll be glad you decided to grow your own....


But if you decide to get a Caregiver ?


Please take your Time in finding a Caregiver ...


That is a very personal thing and it's important you find

a good caregiver that can be there for you ....

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I also considered growing for myself but I heard that the feds do busts on people so this made me a little nervous.


While it is a risk, I believe feds are more worried about larger grow sites or tip offs. I recommend growing for yourself, its a amazing pass time and quite the fun hobby. A lot of us on this board can help you along the way while you learn as well. Keep things hush hush from neighbors and big mouths and you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Also Welcome to the board, and as BG said if you need anything let us know!

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Hey everyone, My name is Devin. I am from southwest Michigan and am in the process of acquiring my Medical Marijuana card. I think that Marijuana will help me immensely with my ailments. It's good to be here.


420Peace Dbryd,

Welcome to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, a wonderful place

We need you!


Ck out GreenTreesDetroit for you physician certification.

There are many good clinics in metro Detroit

GreenTreesDetroit may be the best

Because they have Doctors and Lawyers at each clinic.

Your legal MMJ Life will need protecting.

Call Latranda at GTD 313-967-9999


Yours in the Bond of Buds,

Ron Klug

Head Wrangler

Marijuana Ranch

Detroit/West Branch


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