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1. if your meds are fresh do not leave them in a bag any where for alot of time 1 or more hrs your meds will be moist by the time u come back DO put them in a container with the lid off for a day or 2 to keep them from becomeing wet agine then seal container. if u recive meds that are few weeks old u dont have to worry abought this


2.sticky meds when u have sticky meds u will need to trim the out side of the bud off slowly working your way to the middle (shaving it ) do not put in a grinder (if it dont break the grinder it will just ball up and be un smokeable)it needs to be fine cut, sticky meds will ball up and not stay lit if improperly cut and rolled.


if u are unable to cut and no vaperizer is avalible put it in a bowl and smoke that way




CAREGIVERS lets help our patients to know the do's and dont's with the patients meds b/c some of them realy dont know any better

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i agree 100%, and would like to add my 2 cents............


IMO any caregiver that has given a patient "wet" or not fairly dried/cured meds should ONLY be doing so under med shortage conditions and a patient is in desperate need. i make sure every one of my patients has at least one or 2 mason jars of their own. as well as some basic knowledge. if they don't have jars, and will be needing them,, they get a couple of mine, just in case something like this occurs. (note to caregivers, 90 cents can go a long ways in c.g./patient relations)


if this situation does occur, then yes, any good caregiver will know that some weight will be lost and SHOULD know darn near exactly how much will be lost and either make up for it on the spot, or make arrangements with the patient. and of course the c.g. should be giving the patient instructions on how to complete the dry/cure process.


coffee filters work well also. if you do receive meds that have only been drying for a day or two, put 2 or 3 coffee filters together and set your meds inside.... leave uncovered near fresh air or a fan. (kitchen counter with the window open works well) it's not instant, but it will get you to a decent moisture level for bowl smoking pretty quick. of course this is assuming the buds are not straight off the vine and they have at least hung for a day or 2 minimum.


if your c.g. is forced to give you meds straight off the vine to meet your normal needs, you should be looking for another c.g.............

under no circumstances would i ever give a patient meds in that condition. any good c.g. would have an alternate emergency route to take for a small amount of meds to meet your needs until some drying has been done.

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Patients are receiving meds that are still wet? Cut only a day or two prior?? People really need to start doing some personal research and investing more time into finding the appropriate caregiver/source. Besides the obvious weight discrepancy, wet marijuana simple doesn't smoke nearly the same and cannot be considered Medical Quality in that state. Its a harsh smoke without the same qualities and effects. Even in an emergency situation, wet/fresh MM really isnt a great option.

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let me re state i consider meds dryed in 5-7days to be fresh if u put the DRY in a bag and seal it it will moisten back up and seem wet if u leave it in a container with the lid off for like 2 days it will not moisten or lose any more weight and makes it easyer to shave it UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a patient recive wet meds

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The Simon method of curing.......Mason jars and a hydrometer is all one needs besides the medicine.


This method is particularly effective for folks who are starting out, those looking to maximize quality in a shorter period of time, and folks who's like to produce a connoisseur-quality product each and every time with no guesswork involved.


It's a very simple and effective process:


Cut the product, trim it per your preference, but don't dry it until the stems snap. Take it down while the stems still have some flex, but the product feel dry on the outside. This is a perfect opportunity to drop the dry-feeling flowers onto a screen and collect prime-quality kief that would otherwise get lost in the jar.


Jar the product, along with a Caliber III hygrometer. One can be had on Ebay for ~$20. Having tested a number of hygrometers - digital and analog - this model in particular produced consistent, accurate results. Then, watch the readings:


+70% RH - too wet, needs to sit outside the jar to dry for 12-24 hours, depending.


65-70% RH - the product is almost in the cure zone, if you will. It can be slowly brought to optimum RH by opening the lid for 2-4 hours.


60-65% RH - the stems snap, the product feels a bit sticky, and it is curing.


55-60% RH - at this point it can be stored for an extended period without worrying about mold. The product will continue to cure.


Below 55% RH - the RH is too low for the curing process to take place. The product starts to feel brittle. Once you've hit this point, nothing will make it better. Adding mosture won't restart the curing process; it will just make the product wet. If you measure a RH below 55% don't panic. Read below:


Obviously, the product need time to sweat in the jar. As such, accurate readings won't be seen for ~24 hours, assuming the flowers are in the optimal cure zone. If you're curing the product for long-term storage, give the flowers 4-5 days for an accurate reading. If the product is sill very wet, a +70% RH reading will show within hours. If you see the RH rising ~1% per hour, keep a close eye on the product, as it's likely too moist.

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