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Chat Tonight @ 9Pm Patient View Points

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I tried to get into the chat but no luck...guess I missed out? :P



Tried also to get in multiple times. Limit of 5 participants sucks.


I also tried , but room was filled....


We had several people willing to pay to add more Service ....


Plus there was a survey post , and there was'nt much


support of people wanting a MMMA Chat ?


Would You Be Interested In A Chat Room



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I was unaware of a 5 person limit on the chat room. I am very sorry some missed out. But this wont be the only one. I plan on having these type of meetings as offen as I can. This will help me get a better picture of what the people really want. If someone wants to contact me thay can also email me welj31@hughes.net. Thanks John

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