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Spritzing Leaves With An Atomizer

first mate

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how often and what mixture should you use when spritzing leaves ....I'm a newbie ...but have done some reading and research...just enough to make me dangerous!!!!i've been spraying in between waterings and using 30%of my ferts solution to 70% rainwater...things seem real good so far lots of new veg and healthy just want to make sure i'm not heading down the wrong road

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As long as the plants respond well, thats the biggest indicator of success, or at least non-failure. Different fertilizers call for different ratios for foliar feeding, its completely dependent on the nutrient your working with.


There are many, many varied opinions on foliar feeding, when to do it, when not to do it, the conditions in which its acceptable, etc.


I personally don't foliar feed unless i'm having another problem in which the roots are unable to take up nutes (nute burn, bugs, etc). I also try to avoid foliar feeding while in late flower.



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