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Protections For Patient-Caregiver/caregiver Patient Interactions

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Within the past few days, two users have posted the following:


MMMA> Social Discussions:> Welcome, come on in and say hi!: "Becareful (May 5)"

"hello everyone bigwhl is highly pissoff right the person who was suppose to be my caregiver told me his house got broke into and all my plants got stolen nothing else but my plants they would have been ready the mid of june this really sucks do i think its a inside job yes so for all you newbies be your own caregiver or make darn sure your caregiver has more than just you for a pat"


MMMA> Member to Member Discussions:> Patient Issues: "Lansing Maryjane Caregivers Nightmare" (May 8)

"My wife and I just got back from the Lansing dispensary named: "LB MaryJane Caregivers". What a patient nightmare!


The guy told us on the phone that they were located at a commercial address.


We drove from Montague MI to discover this guy was located at a residential address in a rough part of town.

This home was dilapidated with 6 men standing outside who looked homeless.


This guy lied to us to lead us to his door! Needless to say, we did not even get out of the car.

So disappointed. He claimed to have 20 different strains; I am sure that was a lie also...


We need a place we can trust. I feel very embarrassed driving my wife to a place such as that! Gives us all a really dirty name.

Please, Please, contact us for locations of quality people with quality product! "




After reading these, I'm wondering what safeguards exist to protect Patients and Caregivers. I agree that a person is innocent until substantive proof of guilt is found. However, these posts highlight a need for Caregiver accountability and recourse for Patients who have, based on factual evidence, been deceived, robbed, or otherwise taken advantage of. They show that protections for Caregivers also need to be in place. Hearsay (especially based on an Internet usenet/discussion group/forum/bulletin board) shouldn't be used to validate or invalidate a Caregiver's trustworthiness. BOTH Patient and Caregiver should have some sort of protection from situations such as:


1) A Caregiver who legitimately has been robbed and is unable to provide a Patient's medicine.


2) A Caregiver who is legitimate, and provides a Patient's medicine, yet is accused of wrong-doing by a Patient due to personality conflicts/insanity on the Patient's part/or whatever...


3) A Patient who has been taken advantage of by a "Caregiver" (note the quotes, implying this person wasn't actually a Caregiver).


Are there currently safeguards in place, besides Karma (in which I ultimately place my trust, but which comes AFTER one has lost one's funds, medicine, and in some cases, LIFE)? If so, what are they? If not, should there be any safeguards and if so, what are they and what can we do to put them in place?


As far as I am aware, the Compassion Clubs seem to be the only way to help legitimate Patients & Caregivers to connect... Please correct me, as I don't care if I'm right or wrong, I just need to know how to protect myself (besides growing my own medicine, which isn't always an option for every Patient). I'm not sure if everyone realizes how vital this medicine is to keeping some of us alive. Not all of us have the life energy or money to waste on playing games with people who think that legalized Medical Marijuana is an excuse to steal from those of us who need it to function, or stay alive.


Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to my query.

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Patients as well as caregivers need protection. Each should have a list of questions, they should get to know eachother and listen very carefully to what each says. I knew the cg I was talking to was good by how he responded to my concerns and the sensitivity he showed.



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