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Registry Card - Research


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  1. 1. Do you have a state issued medical marijuana card?

    • yes
    • no
  2. 2. How many days did it take to receive your card?

    • less than 90 days
    • more than 90 days
    • between 90 and 120 days
    • over 120 days
  3. 3. Did you feel this wait had an adverse effect on your wellbeing?

    • yes
    • no

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I am a graduate student working on my Masters in Public Health, and I doing some research on MM policy. I am interested in the issues surrounding the delay in the state issued registry cards. I appreciate your help.



Any and all comments are welcome! Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. I may use some of this information and quotes but I will not give any identifying information regarding the identity of the source. Thank you for taking the time to read this and respond.




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The primary problem I encountered with the delay was the fact that I couldn't start growing my own medicine, or try to acquire any medicine, until I received my card.


With regard to growing my medicine: Given that we have a relatively short growing season in the Upper Peninsula, and I would much rather grow outdoors (in an enclosed, locked facility), the delay impeded my ability to grow my medicine. The wait was extremely stressful, and with my health condition, stress is always harmful.


With regard to acquiring any medicine: I had to go without medicine until such time, after receiving my card, that I could obtain medicine. As a substitute, I was prescribed Xanax, Marinol and Zofran, which in no way compare to the efficacy of cannabis. The Marinol and Zofran are expensive in addition to the fact that they don't really work for my condition. (How am I supposed to ingest a pill when I'm nauseated and/or vomiting?) My health continued to deteriorate until I was able to obtain my own medicine. I'm still trying to recover from the additional months of weight loss and other health issues that weren't addressed by not having the correct medicine.


Best wishes on your research,


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My wait was pretty short compared to todays wait. It did not effect my well being, I had been using marijuana medically for over a year before the law was enacted. I just continued to do the same knowing that I would be able to use an affirmative defense if I were to get busted.

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I got my card issued last May. I thought the 40+ day wait was insane then! I am currently waiting for my renewal card now. They received my application at the State on April 20th. (per the signed return receipt) Who knows when I will get my new card.


I don't think the wait affected my health in the long run, but at the time of coarse the added stress didn't help! And, when my card expires on June first, less than 20 days away..........the stress will be back again.

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I wonder if for a more complete picture of the situation and more differential data, question one of the poll shouldn't be modified, or perhaps added as another question, to something akin to "Have you applied and technically been approved as a medical marijuana patient based upon the 20 day wait rule, but not yet received your card?" or something to that effect. Or perhaps even added within the same poll, with another follow-up question of how long one has been waiting.


Good luck on your thesis.

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