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Friendly People In Detroit?

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420Peace bommers22


Ck this place out I think you will find what you want.

I did....



Proudly Announces the Grand Opening and First Open Public Meeting on May 19, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., in association with The Phoenix Café and The Spirit of Detroit. Conveniently located at I-75 and I-696 Interchange, at 24918 John R, in Hazel Park, Two Buildings South just off the S.W. Corner of 10 Mile Rd. and John R. Entrance in Rear. Esteemed Guest Speakers, Mr. Matt Abel Attorney at Law, Cannabis Counsel, Mr. J. Van Dyke, AMMA Director, We The People and Dr. Ellen on the Medical Uses of Medicinal Marihuana. $3.00 Door Donation Appreciated. Wing Dings, BBQ Food & Beverages available. Please Call 586-619-7160 to Reserve your Seating. Thank you. Please visit our Web Site: http://www.hpmcc.vpweb.com for further information.



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Send me a PM, what you seek will be open by the time you get here if you have proper paperwork.

Where are you coming from? Does your home have MMJ and do you have a scrip?


A couple associates are wrapping up construction on a great place in Detroit as we speak.


Do NOT medicate in the hotel!!!! It is federal land (due to it being Indian Casinos) and security will make

it a PAIN for you

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I very well be mistaken, it may only be Greektown which was mainly owned by the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians

This also may have been lost with the whole restructuring and all but I am not certain as to current ownership after

they filled Chapter 11 in late 08


I just really recall some stink about Indian Gaming having to own a piece due to state gaming laws when the casinos

were first going through....


Either way I think doing it on a casino grounds is asking for trouble and we already are aware of a patient who is in

court due to a case at the Soaring Eagle.

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