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A Message From Herr Governess: "disect Human Cells? Yes!; Plant Cells? No!" (Or, So Declares Da Guvuhnuh, Mz. G.)


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Really!? How COULD she be SO HYPOCRITICAL?!


We really do HAVE to ask her: "Just Where're YOOOU Frrommmm, Girl?!"


{Or, maybe, we might each, personally, want to word that some other way, eh? ; }


Check this out, if you will; But, beware - "IT" gets a bit DEEP, if not distressing:


"Stem cell science holds the promise to provide lifesaving treatments and I am delighted to see this important gathering of global dignitaries incorporating a day of public events for residents and visitors to learn more about this emerging field,"


And then there's this rhetoric:


"Michigan has a longstanding commitment to growing the biotechnology industry with an infrastructure in place for basic scientific research, globally recognized scientists, major academic centers and modern laboratories."


And, this other regurgitation:


"Michigan is poised to establish itself as a leader in stem cells and the growing regenerative medicine industry," Granholm added. "The Public Education Day will be a fantastic opportunity for the public to learn more about the promise of stem cell research and the cures that will be coming soon."


Believe it or not, that there's a quote from the Sorry State of Michigan's high-tailin' out the door dicator/Governor, Mz. G. Or, perhaps, more likely, her speech-writer . . .


Just blows my never un-astounded, bleepin' mind how any "human" on this planet [as war-mongering as the World is and always has been] can be so all-fired pumped and pushin' the gruesomely concocted "CURES" frankensteinishly protracted from the mindless harvesting, dismemberment and distribution of human tissues of any kind . . . and still be so OPPRESSIVELY and VIOLENTLY against the research, study and consumption of a PLANT!?!?


I mean . . . what the _______ ?!?!?!?!?!!!


Please, tell me I'm not the only one who gets a bit "disgruntled" reading this kind of psycho-hypocricy.


And, to think Mz G's AG, (the Big C) is more than likely to be the next King of the Sheeple.


Heaven help us ALL.




And, if you'd like to learn a bit more about how the "Science" is funded, here's a little background on some of the funding for some of the allegedly "Scientific" stuff:




NIH, search for "MariHuana":




NIH, search for "MariJuana":




NIH, search for "Cannabis":




NIH, search for "Stem Cell":




What's up with THAT?!




: /


Know the Truth.


Be Free!


And, Share the Faith


[sure hope I posted this in the "right" place]

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