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Aeroponics Diy

Chico Dog Farms

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This is by far one of the easiest DIY's out there. Very inexspensive to make, and very simple to run. I have guided several noobies to harvest over the internet. Yes, its that simple. There are TONS of Journals and Help threads on other furums to help guide YOU all the way from build to cure and smoke. Start with one and compare it to your current way of growing. You will probably re-outfit your whole garden after you see the incredible results! Grow Like a Pro, and imagine not hauling soil anymore! Good Luck!

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The stinkbud system is definetely a great system for beginners. It's easy and realiable. I found that it needed many upgardes tho-plant spacing issues, reservoir placement issues, the site itself is full of misinformation, etc. Either way, the system itself is very easy to modify. The concept can be converted into any idea imaginable.


What the stinkbud site fails at...

-nutrient levels- stinkbud fails to tell you about the real reasons to grow aero/nft.

Aero systems typically run vest at about 1.0 EC which is usually 1/4-1/3 the dose many newer growers like to feed their plants


-pruning- when building the stinkbud system to a t, it's very easy for the plants to grow outta control, the system requires a lot of pruning, and he really gives no clue as how to do this. The easiest way, IMO, is to triple the plants numbers per unit, decrease plant spacing, and decrease veg times. Less popcorn to deal with.


Those are just a couple issues I found with that site, as I spent many time reading there last year.

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I would like to try and get the most out of each plant. I will have 7.5 ceiling height. Seems I should be able to do 4 feet. I was wondering if they need support at that size? How much could you expect to yield from a plant that size? Some of the strains I am interested in growing are ( Alien train wreck,Cinderella,Dynamite, Lemone Haze, Lowriyder,Oregon 90C, Purple Afghan. Can't seem to find much on Alien Train Wreck but I found that in a list of good for Asthma

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This will work, but what it neglects to tell you is how to change the water or how to keep it cool?


The pump will add heat and the roots will grow into the water.


You will need to add a simple air stone to help from choking the roots.


You will need some way to keep the reservoir cool. I had to buy a chiller. I was lucky, since I found a used one for $150 less than brand new, but it was still $200. You need to keep your temp at around 70 degrees. This is very hard to do at room temp, with a pump and light overhead.


Make sure to use foam on top of the box to insulate it from the light. Cut it into slats and put holes for the stems. This works well to avoid the temp increase from the light.


Make sure you have a good space to work in so you are not cramped. You need to put a drain in to empty your res. every 1 to 2 weeks. I would strongly recommend you work with someone who has done this. My first attempt I almost lost all of my clones and had to switch to mix. I also had a lot of leak problems to solve. This was because I made my system more complex to use the pump to drain the water also.


The last advice I can give is to measure everything and record everything - pH, temp, nute levels (buy a truncheon - on e-bay. Also consider the water source, you might have issues with harndess. Good luck, this bunny muffin rocks! I could not believe the results once you figure it out! :rock::lol:

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i would not use this for flower ever maybe for autoflower? would just be 2 tights in flower i have 3 machines kinda like stink buddies but not rly with the plants spread farther apart and each 5x5 post not 4x4 has the plants side stepd u dont want to much overlaping with a built in net with 3x3 squares for support i love my skinny OGz for veg i use kinda the same thing 5x5 fence post no support for the plants my cloner is pretty much the 4x4 stinkbuddies build with the net pots cut off so roots cannot get tangled in the 2 inch pots when there big enuff i pull them out put them in the reg 3 inch pots to start veg i did use a cloneing machine kinda like above with a tray under to catch water but was to much of a pain in the donkey now my cloner has its own rez ez to manage and i can put more clones in it to pick from and as stated above watch your rez temps but with a timer doing 1m on 5 min off shouldt be to big of a deal i use a chiller for the 3 aero machines in the flower room tho never had prob in veg hope my ramblings help sum peace

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btw if u wanted to do sumthing like that why not just to 1 large plant in each tube and go undercurrent veg some monsters put them in there have a nice rez for as many tubs as you want i tried reg dwc and hated it i even put a few in my room with the machines hated picking it up all the time to check water or change out neuts or flush ect haveing a rez is the way to go if u want u can add a rez to that setup very ez would be like a mini reticulating aero machine lol but i wouldt do that think u have to open that thing with the roots all in there pulling it up just not a good idea man


and like the man said above those sprayers sux use the ez cloners red ones

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