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Clones At Dispencerys?


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do any local dispencerys sell clones? do they accept paperwork? how much for each clone? what strains?

Each locations going to have different strains and prices just like stores not everyone charges the same exact price for clones and meds.


Depending on your area you might want to look into a compassion club meeting to make some like minded friends who can assist you.

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Well, Brian wants to get started fast. Good! A few clubs I'm familiar with are passing around unrooted clones / cuttings. It seems like the thought is that it would be harder to call it a 'plant' before it roots. If I were you I would try to find some compassion club meetings to attend. I've been very secretive with my activities and wasn't too keen on meeting a bunch of strangers in a volatile environment like this, but the club meetings I've been to have been great, lots of people willing to share.


Good luck!

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