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Change Caregiver?

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Simply (?) find yourself a new caregiver, find someone whom you feel that you can trust. Remember, the patients are the controlling interest in this type of arrangment, without your signature on the paperwork, there is no caregiver. Feel empowered yet? You control what happens with those 12 plants, not the caregiver. You make them legal, without you they are outlaws. Personally, I would not sign with a caregiver who isn't prepared to sign a caregiver/patient agreement that spells out as many of the possible scenario's that can happen when dealing with growing cannabis. Price, time frames and what happens in case of a major disaster, should all be spelled out in this agreement. There should also be a section that covers the protection of both parties and how much cannabis will be available to the patient. The days of supposed caregivers simply ripping off the patients have got to come to an end. It is up to the patients to protect their rights, time for caregivers to truely care. Now, I'm not saying that there aren't many, many caregivers out there who have seen that compassion can play a role in this. Some of the best folks I've met thru my interest in cannabis are caregivers, concientious, caring people who are interested in helping, but it only takes one bad apple...etc...


I keep hearing horror stories about caregivers who suddenly, after growing a patients plants for months, have no product to show for all that effort, and I call b.s., odds are the c/g in question is either a crappy grower and doesn't deserve the title "caregiver" or they are selling that product on the open market and getting none to their patients. Any one caught doing this (selling a patients meds on the black market) should be keel hauled under a semi. That shows that this person simply is not acting in a compassionate, caring manner. If you are a patient, and have been waiting 4-6 months for your first medicine, there is something wrong and it is time to seek a true caregiver.


Once you find another caregiver, notify the old one that they are no longer your caregiver and send in the change paperwork to the state. Don't let them intimidate you!


Hope you find what you are searching for...Peace...j.b.

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