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More Innocent Die In The Hands Of Police!

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A 7-year-old Detroit girl was shot and killed this morning after a Detroit Police officer’s weapon discharged while executing a search warrant for a homicide suspect on the city’s east side, Detroit Police said this morning.


Officers from the police department’s Special Response Team were looking for a suspect from a Friday homicide at about 12:45 a.m. today, Detroit Police Spokesman John Roach said this morning.


“It appears the officer had an encounter with one of the occupants of the house as he was making entry, and the officer’s weapon discharged,” Roach said.


The bullet struck and killed Aiyanna Jones at the home on Lillibridge.


The details of the situation as officers entered the home were not immediately clear this morning, Roach said.


The homicide suspect was also in the home and was taken into custody.


Stay with freep.com as this story develops.


Contact MARK W. SMITH: 313-223-4424 or msmith@freepress.com.

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they had almost the same thing happen on this side of the state only it was a college student and he wasn't killed,just shot in the stomach,he had sold 1 and ahalf grs. to a narc,accidental discharge,what a joke, these guys get so pumped up before the bust i'm suprised they don't tinkle all over themselfs.the cop here is back at work serving the people.lol,most likely didn't lose any sleep over the matter...in detroit there had to be a better way to catch this guy than to put a poor child in danger doing it..WTF are they thinking..or mayme thats the problem,they're not..zb

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