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Hello From A Future Mi Resident

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Hello, this is ddrew from Icmag(kalicokitty over there now)

Wanted to say hi to everyone.


We are planning on moving to MI by next spring at the latest, possibly sooner.

Getting tired of waiting for "change" to come to the state were in now, so were coming to it.

Not sure of where to live in MI yet, Ann Arbor sounds nice.

We will be working as caregivers(many years expierence) and want to find a town that will be a good fit for us.

Anyone have any suggestions for good towns besides Ann Arbor?


Looking forward to getting to know people here, learning some new stuff, and helping when I can.

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Ddrew, welcome! For those who don't know, this cat is quite an active poster and all-around knowledgeable and helpful character over at icmag. He might post a bit of off-topic stuff on occasion, but definitely knows his stuff when forced to admit it. I hope you're active here as well, we'll benefit from your presence.


I live up north, where the scene varies from county to county, depending on on how much the sheriff and local LEO feel like respecting the state laws. Not much of an open Medical Marijuana presence yet (that I'm aware of) in Northern Michigan, but the trend is moving that way. Traverse City, Charlevoix, Petoskey area of NW lower Michigan is beautiful, worth a drive before you commit to that flat, boring, overcrowded southern corner of the state .:P Oh, and in my limited experience, I seem to notice a higher per-capita incidence of tinfoil hats up north than down south. Maybe you'll fit in better up here...


See you around!

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What do you like to do besides grow? If you are super-outdoorsey like me, i would check out the UP. Fishing? Look near the thumb...coho salmon runs there in the fall. Like foreign flavor? Entry points to Canada are in Detroit, Port Huron, and i think Sault st. Marie. Like cheese? Piconning. Or you can take a ferry to Wisconsin from somewhere around Muskegon. Like cool people? find a compassion club here, anywhere!

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