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C88 X C99


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Tricloud, where did you get the beans from?


Hey Indica Jones, those beans came from real Brothers Grimm genetics. The cross was made and the original C88 x C99 beans were gifted to me. From there I took them 2 more generations, they are F3's. Lets say they made it around the block once or twice then came home to Tricloud.


Tricloud makes his own seeds.

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Day 45 and yes Kruztydj they are really exploding,packing on the weight and crystals.This strain is really impressing me.Out of the 2 flowering now,one smells

way stronger,almost skunky.The less aromatic one i didnt top and looks like an xmas tree with large thin sativa leaves and is also packing on the weight.

I am glad i kept clones from both.

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This was found growing on a leaf,anyone seen anything like this?


Your plants are looking great. Here is one that I have with a bit of Sativa influence. She also has weird flowers on the fan leaf stems




Was this plant from a clone or straight from seed? Would you please post a picture of the whole plant.




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