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Holland Bust

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Just another example of AG Cox not doing his job and police acting like the gestapo and disregarding every-one's rights. I don't read or hear of any other state with MM patients-caregivers going through this type of police misconduct and harassment.


Can't hardly wait until spring of 2012 when I move to New Mexico where a disabled person can medicate without the fear of the police kicking in your door if you're following the law.


And I am not the only person to have that fear of the police even though I am completely within the law. Dianne C(a friend of our family) has stopped using MM because of the fear of a police raid on her home while her kids are there.


The fear of a police raid on a legal patients residence has made her stop medicating for relief from the fibromyalgia and migraine headaches.

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E.G I feel the same way! You know what is worse, I have felt the need to educate my children about mm, just in case something like that happens to me, Im fricking done hiding, time to get my grow going and my kids know I am legal to use mm. kinda blows, I didnt have to tell them about the methadone i was on for 12yrs?!? why the phaq do i feel the need to tell them about this? because leo, po po's ;pigs suck! they are phaqing targeting us, (mm growers) when is the law going to protect us before we get busted? instead of after?

good luck bro in N.M





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Fear why should we go hide i talk to people all the time they tell me they don't want to put them self out their they wont go to C C meetings



they want to do thing for the cause but are stuck in a fog because of Fear of LEO but not me am legal biggrin.gif



All Good Bro! It cost money to defend yourself even if you are legal! been there done that, fricking barney fife small town po po's, they dont make enough money to mess with me again!

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