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Renewal @thcf Clinic

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My renewal is due June 1st, as I saw in other posts. I made an appointment at the THCF clinic on Franklin road in Southfield. When I made the appointment, I asked if my medical records were in order, and was told they had what they needed.

My appointment is for this Friday 5/21. I just got a call today saying I need more updated medical records. I am so mad!!! I get my care at the Va, which is 25 miles away.

The girl on the phone mumbled on about a new doctor that talked to a doctor in California, blah blah! I told her, this is Michigan not California. Long story short, this new dr wants more current medial records.

I now need to get a new appointment at another clinic. I have a wonderful caregiver, who will take care of it for me. But wanted to warn others, so you won't be called 3 days before your appointment with this BS.

If you made an appointment there watch out.


Wishing all a blessed day

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My records are current enough. Dr. Eisenbud left, and the new doc is a hassle. My caregiver got me an appointment in Bloomfield. I knew there was a clinic on Telegraph in Taylor but didn't know about Ford Tel. Thanks for the advise Dizz.

Mizerman I agree totally! My caregiver had trouble with another patient at that clinic too. He's done with it.


Now the state is getting fussy about what they'll accept for proof of disability. I'm on it though. Me & my caregiver go by the laws, and I will get it all together before the 1st gets here.

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I'm glad all the people you've sent there haven't had a problem.I've sent a lot of people there too, but not any more. Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me.

The 1st time I went there it was great, they even offered me a job. I didn't know medical pot was legal in 2008. I guess I'm slipping in my old age! LOL

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