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Vancover Seeds Strain Called Fkn Incredible

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I've grown some Canadian indoor hybrids with this in their background, along with 2-3 other strains in the parentage. What have you read on it? The strains I grew were easy to grow, tolerated light feeding, very fast growing, lots of stretch in flowering. One of the last strains I grew was called 'Big Green', from Northern Ontario Seedbank. They describe it as:

Big green is a stable cross of black Female known as the Pound Plant in BC. This black seed Mother is originally out of a rare hashy Mexican Sativa. This Mother has light green red hairs..tight buds...sweet hash flavor, smell and heavy narcotic stone It's Father is a rugged Burnese F*n Incredible which had unique excessive crystal phenotype which is more rare in a Male Plant. This pair offers you the most unique smoking experience, and must be tried be even the most experienced smoker. Grows indoors or out. Out doors you can get at least 1/2 pound out of her and its mostly sativa. Don't veg this too long, start before she's 14 inches in height. These girls are fast growers and you can prune it for a bush but i prefer it not pruned, as she grows lots of side branches with nice buds Plant height: Can be tall if you don't flower young THC level %: Very High Flowering times: 55-60 Days Yield: 1 Pound Out 1/2 Pound Indoors Grows: Indoors/Outdoors/Greenhouse Strain Genetics: 75% Sativa/25% Indica Plant Odor: low/med Smoke Flavor: Sweet and Hashy
One of the 4 girls I flowered was absolutely covered in trichomes, more than any other plant I've ever grown. Very easy to trim. Potency was OK, but not as extreme as the "unique excessive crystal phenotype" might lead you to think.
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Taken from the VISC website:


F'kn Incredible is a pure Indica and was created by combining the genetics of two magnificent Indicas back in 1990.


Seven generations of stabilization breeding gave us F.I. as we know it today.


F'kn Incredible has been a VISC flagship ever since.


First available to the general public in 2006 this breed still provokes the exclamation that named her - "This is F'kn Incredible".


She likes a higher PH(6.6–6.8) in soil.



It also made it into the High Times Top Ten strains of 2008. I just was wondering if anyone here in Mich or on this site had grown her up and had some first hand experience they could share. Thanks

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