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Over Zealous Cops

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The past year has been full of police officers over stepping their bounds and hurting and killing innocent U.S. citizens at will . Here we fight a war in the middle east and call these people terroist. We have just as or worse problem with our very own domestic terrorist. Calling their own shots then if they screw up are very willing to cover up for each other.These over zeolous cops need to be held accountable for their actions not just getting a slap on the wrist.Police shot and killed a 7 year old in Detroit the other day havnt these cops ever hear what happened after the Roddney King thing in Los Angles. They are going tear the town down if justice isnt served. Well they shot the girl then try to cover up. Attroney Geoffery Fieger( My Kinda Guy) is going to call these punks out and show the people what extent the police will go to cover their booty. These same LEO's are the type that they send out to conduct raids on MMJ patients. Looks all to familiar. Do we have Law Enforcment here to protect us or are they here solely to keep us in line.


Peace Officers My Donkey




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I'll Just leave this here.




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yep.... Sadly, if this keeps going any talk about stuff like that and they'll be at your door hauling you off for insurrection.... scary thought.... But I have heard that they are charging that one group from Michigan with that very thing, albeit the circumstances are vastly different. It's a slippery slope when it comes to these things. Hopefully, we have learned enough from the past, or we will most definitely repeat it...





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