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L.e.d. Question


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Hey josh, If you search around a little on this site this question has been asked a couple of times know and there is some good info in the posts. Good luck and if you can't find it let me know and I will help ya. Peace, Love, and Big Buds..

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I haven't used LEDs yet in a grow, but LEDgirl (at her store and the forums above) puts forward a pretty good case for them. Lots of test grows are at the forums above. An excellent LED vs HPS comparison grow was done by Hazy recently, see this thread: https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=160147


I read up on LEDs while setting up a new grow room. I didn't go with them, went with 2 x 1000W HPS instead. I got the following impressions about LEDs, though:


  • Wow, they're expensive!
  • Might almost be cost competitive with a 400W HID, including HID costs of hood, cooling, annual bulb replacement.
  • Still need a lot of light, one 90W UFO isn't going to do much for a flowering plant.
  • Better really pick the right LED lights and drivers -- they aren't all created equal.

I think a pretty good case could be made for a 200W LED grow in a closet, roughly replacing a 400W HPS / CMH / HID bulb. You would need more money for the initial setup, but would recoup some of that by not having to replace bulbs or vent out heat.


What size grow are you planning?

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LEDs have many good traits BUT they are still quite aways away from being

cost effective for covering a good amount of space.


They save quite a bit on the electric bill but unless you just have a couple plants you need

to have quite a few of them going.


I still think we are at least a couple years before there is a better option than what we currently have

on the market.

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has anyone used led lighting? I'm looking at setting up my grow room and was thinking about led. Do they work?? I'm a newbie so any help would be appreciated.


My wife and I are setting up a tomato grow with a 345W LED from Hydrogrowled.com vs. a 600W Phanton Ballast with an Eye Hortilux bulb. Can't wait to see how the LED performs.



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  • 5 months later...

Sorry for the old thread bump, but I was just looking up threads here where I posted in favor of Hydro-Grow LEDs, to post the following info / updates.


Clearly you can't believe everything you read on the Internet, but many people seem to be telling similar stories about the owner of Hydro-Grow LEDs, and it's not a good story.


Logic, the owner/admin of thcfarmer.com, posted an email where LEDGirl recently threatened to sue / narc on Logic: http://www.thcfarmer.com/forums/f137/ledgirl-threatens-narc-me-out-26228/


Users on several forums have posted similar stories, frequently along these lines:


Cammie aka LEDgirl threatened to turn my address into the authorities simply for calling her out in one of her threads on icmag then deleted my posts and than continued to curse me out in private messages, take it for what you want but do not give this girl an inch because she will stick a foot in your mouth.





In fact, you might be able to trace 'LEDgirl's shady business practices back through a name change, to some shady deals in imported car parts:




Caveat Emptor!

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I am able to counter every one of LEDgirls arguments for LEDs. Looking at her web site with a critical eye you will quickly find the advertising double speak and total lack of useful information when comparing these lights with standard HIDs. I always knew their sales techniques were less than honest but did not know they were that dishonest.

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