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Michigan Medical Marihuana Legislation - Pending

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Some relatively pending (and, as usual - off the radar) legislation being concocted by the dictators of "The STATE" of Michigan that "We the People" of Michigan need to keep our collective eyes on:




Senate Bill 1182 (2010)


(Original Content Same As House Bill 5877)


Sponsors Deborah Cherry - (primary)

Michael Switalski


Categories Appropriations, community health


Appropriations; community health; department of community health; provide for fiscal year 2010-2011. Creates appropriation act.


This is the section of the Bill that relates to "Marihuana":


10 Sec. 726. (1) The department shall submit a report to the

11 house and senate appropriations subcommittees on community health,

12 the house and senate fiscal agencies, and the state budget

13 director, on an annual basis, that includes all data on the amount

14 collected from medical marihuana program application and renewal

15 fees along with the cost of administering the medical marihuana

16 program under the Michigan medical marihuana act, 2008 IL 1, MCL

17 333.26421 to 333.26430.

18 (2) If the required fees are shown to be insufficient to

19 offset all expenses of implementing and administering the medical

20 marihuana program, the department shall review and revise the

21 application and renewal fees accordingly to ensure that all

22 expenses of implementing and administering the medical marihuana

23 program are offset as is permitted under section 5 of the Michigan

24 medical marihuana act, 2008 IL 1, MCL 333.26425.




Apparently the language above is (alleged to be) the same as the language in this bill:




How could the MMMP program not already be generating more than enough funding for a handfull of BUREAUCRATS!?!?


On that note, I can't help but wonder what happens when the dictators in Lansing discover - as if they haven't already - that the MMMP has already generated a considerable SURPLUS of INCOME BY and FOR "WE the PEOPLE" of Michigan?!


Wooh Hooh!



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According to the MDCH's annual report on the MMMA program they brought in over $500,000 in profit last year alone, so that should put an end to these bills, they likely won't even make it out of committee. If they think for one moment that we (Michigan's sick and dying) are going to pay even more for the right to use the medicine of our choice, then they have another thing coming. I'll go back to doing all of this as a non-carded patient, as I did for years before passage of Prop 1. Not being carded does not make me any less of a qualified patient. They can go frack themselves. Peace...j.b.

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I dont think this is anything we need to worry about. As stated above $500k + in profit and they still cant get the job done. The next step seems to be what Cushingberry will do when they come back for another meeting. They have been ordered to comply with Cushingberry's demands to hire staff, buy printers and get their act together. Also if MSP cant get it board they may have their budget cut.

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