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High To All

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just wanted to say hello. been lurking for months and finally decided to pull the trigger and join. been watching long enough that i feel as if i know some of you already. lots of great info from alot of kind, helpfull people. thank you all in advance for welcoming me to the community.

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Welcome and enjoy your stay. Are you a CG or a patient or both? Best of luck and stay safe man.

thank you arslan. currently i am assisting my father. he has his med card and a doctor that is a little more understanding than mine. quote from my neurosurgeon "i don't want to see you get in any trouble". well, i will try talking to him again at my next visit. he was in a hurry at my last visit as he had an emergency surgery to perform.i am in constant pain and taking more vicodin es than i should be eating. i'm also afraid that if i go to another doctor for my card my neuro will refuse my vic prescription. having a hard enough time getting around as it is.

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Hi baddog. I just recently joined too and believe this is the site to belong to. Alot of good knowledgable people make you feel right at home! Excellent topics and it seems theres always someone on to help with questions. Good luck with the neuro. It would be great if he let you see another Dr. There are plenty out there ready to help if he "doesnt want to get involved" (my doc). Ive been certified, just waiting for my 15 days to be up. I have NO mm and am in pain. I guess Ive waited this long I just have to buck up.

peace and God Bless


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