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Control, Control; Control . . . It's All So Out Of Control . . . .


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"Yeah, it's out of control — and it needs control, if not extinction," Montana Sen. Jim Shockley said Friday. "There's no control over distribution. There's no control over who's growing it. There's no control in dosage."




I'd say that Mizzder - SENATOR - Shockley is just a wee bit too upset that he's so . . . well, "out of CONTROL".


I would also say that the Senator's "OUT OF CONTROL" statements do point out very clearly - for EVERYONE - what all the CONTROL FREAKS of the world are really so UPSET about;


The Free-Spirit-minded PEOPLE of Michigan, Montana, and all across the nation (in fact, all around the WORLD) are FINALLY, willfully taking back "CONTROL" of our own lives; And we're taking back responsibility for our own health and well-being.


And, we're not buying the LIES any longer.


What's really "OUT of CONTROL" is the mentality of the anti-minded terrorists who assault and set-fire to the buildings of PEACEFUL PEOPLE.


Sure shows us - LOUD and CLEAR - WHO and WHAT the REAL TERROR is in America and the world - the "Anti-FREES"!


Who are the "Anti-FREES"?


The "Anti-FREES" are the slimy-minded monsters that make "News" like this:


"HELENA, Mont. — The vandals struck in the middle of the night, hurling Molotov cocktails through the windows of two medical marijuana businesses and spray-painting "NOT IN OUR TOWN" just before the Billings City Council was supposed to take up a ban on any new pot shops.


Montana and other states that have legalized medical marijuana are seeing a backlash, with public anger rising and politicians passing laws to slow the proliferation of pot shops and bring order to what has become a wide-open, Wild West sort of industry.






Can't wait to see how the "FEDERALES" handle the "VANDALS".





And, FREE the WORLD - From the "Anti-FREES!"

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What really burns me is a news bit I just heard, re: the 7 year old shot in her sleep, I had just recently learned it was on a reality tv show. well, the news bit mentioned the funeral being held for her, and all the newspeople were concerned about is how much access the police should have, there was no concern for the family or for justice. I wanted to puke. What about that family's loss? What about the stupidity of the police? Not one darn word.



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