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[TUTORIAL] Cannabutter


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Submitted By: gedaSubmitted On: Yesterday, 10:00 AMSubmitted In: Cooking, Medibles, and TincturesClick here to go to tutorial


I make my butter in a slow cooker for 3 days on low. It's strong and good. I have trouble smoking it because I have copd.

11/2lbs unsalted butter

2 oz leaf


cook butter low til liquified

mix in leaf

add enough water so leaf is covered 1 to 11/2 cup(no more)

mix cook on low stirring every couple hours 2 days


turn pot off let sit on counter, then turn back on recycle over night

turn off, let cool, but not cold 1 - 2 hrs


line bowl with cheesecloth, let it overhang to catch all

pull it up into a ball holding the top squeeze all the butter through into the bowl

refrigerate the butter will rise if any water it will be on the bottom


I've never had any water, just butter.......I always end up licking my hands and getting stoned . Making butter day is always good here.

If you choose to try my method, please let me know how it goes

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Thanks for the recipe! It sounds simple, will let you know how it goes!



Heavens to mergatroid! Okay when I read your post and you wrote about licking your hands.. well I chuckled, Then today when I am straining it off, i'm licking my hands, and have such a nice body buzz, This was so easy, thanks for the post!

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Interesting seems simple now how long do you turn it off. Also by slow cooker do you crockpot? My first batch I used 2oz and a pound of butter I have had to use up to 3 times the amount of butter some recipes have called for to get the effect desired. I made it in a crockpot on low for 8 hours. And used pretty frosty trim.


I have a friend that swears by pound per pound I am truly afraid of this women's butter hoping I can get some of her next batch just to try it. I told her its sounds to strong for me but I am willing to try it. Give her the old "I will do it with you bro we can go to the looney bin together"


Darn android keyboard

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