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Berrien County Cc Presents

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Event Date: 06-June 10 (Single Day Event)


I am posting this info to help my friends at

Berrien County Compassion Club


Workshop location: U-Grow Center, 366 N Main Street, Watervliet, MI


Compassion Club Leader’s Workshop

June 6th 2010 @ 2pm


A) Foundation:


1) Initial Board of Directors

2) Business Structure

3) Bylaws

4) Business Meeting

5) Logo

6) Code of Ethics

7) Goals




1) Promotion

2) Committees

3) Capital Equipment

4) Education

5) Budget

6) Troubleshooting


C) Collaboration


1) Communication

2) Resource Utilization

3) Other


If you’re going to climb, you’ve got to grab the branches, not the blossoms.

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