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Hello All

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Sorry it took so long to say hi. Still new to the internet scene. But gaining!!! Want to thank all who makes this site possible. Want to help the Medical Marijuana Industry in Michigan. Was in manufacturing for last 20 odd years, but as we all know, that wont ever be like it was before in Michigan. Have been a backyard horticulturist for many years, growing whatever we needed to get through the year. Would like to put my skills to a good use!!! Help folks have options for a better life. Thanks again!!! Will be learning more and hopefully be bringing people together in my neck of the woods.

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Hey, from The Copper Country!


"Say ya to da UP, eh?"


And, it sure feels HEALTHY to say:


"Yes, We CANNABIS, in Michigan!"




And, thanks, to YOU, for helping us ALL to . . .



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