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Cannabis Science, Inc. Making Headlines With National Institute Of Drug Abuse


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*** Dr. Robert Melamede, PhD., Cannabis Science President and CEO, said, "We view this transaction as key to our plans to develop standardized FDA quality pharmaceutical cannabis products. In addition, their profitability will facilitate our product development in accordance with State laws. These acquisitions will allow us to begin pre-testing to establish the efficacy of our pharmaceutical products prior to formal FDA human trials. We are in preliminary negotiations to establish similar operations in other States that have approved medical marijuana programs addressing the ever-increasing demands for medical marijuana as people learn the truth about marijuana's unique medical values. We are creating a new type of patient oriented pharmaceutical company that will foster social change, and this is a major step in that process." ***




I wanted to post this in National Headlines but, apparently, my posting status is not worthy enough to be able to post in the "editorials" section. (??)


Maybe I'm the only one who feels so . . . but, I sure do miss the old forums. : (


(And, it sure can be a bummer that we no longer have "direct [immediate] access" to all of our very relevant "older" posts through our "New" forums)


At any rate, People, we really need to keep our collective eyes on "Cannabis Science, Inc."


Can someone, please, let me know the best way to "repost" some of the more relevant posts from the "old" forums?



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I am looking into why you can't post here. I just noticed that all threads here are by mods with the exception of yours which I moved here.


Most of the old posts are searchable, so use the search button find old posts which you feel need to be brought to attention of newer members, or what ever. You can then link to them or copy and paste the relevant part.

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