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How To Talk To The Police

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reminds me of a great joke:


A man was driving across the Golden Gate Bridge when he was pulled over by an officer. The officer comes up to the man’s window and says, “Excuse me, sir, but do you know how fast you were going?” The man replies, “Obviously over 55.”


The officer was checking out the man and his car when he says, “What the hell is a bum looking guy like you doing driving a fancy, expensive car like this? What do you do for a living anyway?”


The man replies, “I am an azzhole stretcher.”


The cop says, “An azzhole stretcher?! What the hell is that?”


The man begins to explain. “Well people call me up wanting their azzholes stretched so I go over to their house. First I have them lay on the floor and then I insert one finger into the azzhole then another and another eventually I work my fist in and then the other fist until they are both in and I begin stretching until I get to about 6 feet.”


The officer then looking disgusted says, “What the hell do you do with a 6 foot azzhole?”


The man replies, “Give them a badge and let them write tickets on the bridge.”











:P ok. bubblegrowers disclaimer. im not a police hater.... but its a funny joke :)




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A very astute and concise psychological evaluation IMHO.


I wonder if the driver sent the officer a bill for the professional assessment?


This should be a requirement for LEOs to carry a badge.


And they should also at least be informed of the MMJ laws.

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Tarz... Thanks for posting the second half of this lecture... EXCELLENT info IMHO.


We can NEVER have TOO MUCH information of this type.


Thanks, again. Hope all is well with you.



Your Welcome 'greenbuddha'


It's been posted out here before ...

Just thought it would be good to post it

again for those who have'nt seen it yet ....


Just hope people remember this ?


You'd be Suprised at How Many People have seen this Video

and have got pulled over by the Cops and the first thing

they do is Talk to the Cops ...


Some just will Never Learn or have to learn the hard way...


The WRONG or RIGHT Way to Handle a Police Stop



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