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: "marijuana Clinics Get Boost . . ."


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(Well, since I still don't have direct access to posting relevant "National News" stories on these "new" forums, I'll just post this article here until a moderator might find it better to post this elsewhere - if deemed to be "newsworthy" enough for the "editorials" section)


This "movement" IS DEFINITELY something to keep our collective eyes on!



Barney (Frank) and Friends - taking on DC and Wells Fargo for banking "rights":


*** “This is a growing effort by the states to regulate a legal trade, and the more states allow it, the more outcry there will be for the federal government to take action,” Polis said. “The biggest barrier to these legal businesses is this banking issue.” ***




**** Democrats signing the letter to Geithner include Sam Farr, Pete Stark, Lois Capps, Brad Sherman, Linda Sanchez and Zoe Lofgren, all of California; Steven Cohen of Tennessee; Jose Serrano of New York; Raul Grijalva of Arizona; Donald Payne of New Jersey; and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin. ****


Looks like it's time to check out the compassionate-sounding co-signers a bit closer.



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