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This Is Why We All Need To Vote This November.

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A Montana senator wants to overturn the MMJ law that the people of Montana voted for.


If it can happen in Montana... it can ALSO happen here in Michigan.


We can sit back and 'medicate' or get off our A** and 'VOTE' this November.






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What we need is politicians with brains that can realize the very fact that every district in Michigan passed the MM act. They have nearly 64% of the voters behind them, and probably more now than when it was voted into law. Who are they REALLY catering too if they go against MM??? It surely isn't the constituents that overwhelmingly voted it into law. So who then? Follow the money, and find the problem. Any politician that goes against the citizens they were elected to represent needs to be fired immediately! We cannot let corporate America make the rules, pay off our elected officials and spread their campaign of disinformation!! Vote with knowledge! Educate yourselves on those running for office and vote accordingly! You can't watch the propaganda in the ads and get the whole picture. Research, educate, tell others, spread the word! Together we can make a difference, together we can be heard!



----Nemo for president 2012!!

ok, I had to through it out there. lol

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