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By The Argus-Press | 0 comments


PERRY — A new zoning ordinance in Perry is intended to prevent the dispensing of marijuana within the city limits.


Though the drug is not mentioned by name in the ordinance, city officials say by banning enterprises contrary to federal, state or local laws in the ordinance, it will prevent marijuana from being dispensed.


“Right now this is a temporary measure in terms of addressing medicinal marijuana shops showing up in town,” Councilman Brad Sharlow said.


The ordinance states: “All buildings and uses in any district shall be subject to the general provisions and exceptions set forth in this Zoning Code. Uses not expressly permitted are prohibited. Uses for enterprises or purposes that are contrary to federal, state or local laws or ordinances are prohibited.”


Sharlow said officials intend to address the issue in more detail in the future.


“The planning commission is going to review this issue much more thoroughly in terms of figuring out how we’re going to address this long-term,” Sharlow said

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