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Police Warn Parents About Fake Marijuana

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Fox News story in Southbend


It can cause hallucinations, rapid heart beat and panic attacks. And it's completely legal. Police say kids are smoking an herbal incense blend called K-2, Mr. Smiley, and a handful of other street names.


Because the incense is completely legal, there's really nothing police can do except spread the word about its harmful side effects. And what's worse, anyone can buy the herbal blend at a handful of gas stations and convenience stores throughout Michiana.


"Parents still have the authority over their kids," said Elkhart Police Lt. Ed Windbigler.


And ultimately, Lt. Windbigler says it's up to parents to stop the latest trend in drug abuse. Kids are smoking incense nicknamed Mr. Smiley, K-2, Black Mamba and a slew of other terms.


"It's a synthetic marijuana," said Windbigler.


It's so easy to buy, all you need is $10 and you can walk out with this small bottle of Mr. Smiley.


"Any 15-year-old kid could walk to the convenient store and pick this up," said Windbigler.


And you can buy it in the comfort of your own home. It's just a mouse click away on the Internet.


"It's amazing they can sell something on the open market that is so dangerous and has the potential to kill," said Grandparent David Wickstrom.


Grandparent David Wickstrom says he's heard of the drug, but didn't know it's spreading around Michiana. He says a talk with his kids and grand kids is necessary so this drug doesn't hurt his family.


"One time could be the time that it's too much," said Wickstrom.


That's why Windbigler says parents should know the signs of use.


"If they're bringing things home like lip balm containers, if they're smelling a different smell, they need to talk to their kids so they're not ingesting it or smoking it," said Windbigler.


Windbigler says it's new to adults but it's likely that more than half school age kids already know about the drug. So now he says local police departments are banning together in hopes of empowering parents.


"If we can stop one kid from smoking this stuff then I think we're headed down the right path," said Windbigler.


Windbigler says he hopes Indiana joins a handful of states that have banned the drug. Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri are just three near Michiana where it's illegal to buy or consume this K-2, Mr. Smiley product. While it's legal to buy the incense and inhale it, you can still be charged with a crime if you drive a car after smoking the herbs. Windbigler says you can still be charged with driving while intoxicated.

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Just saw this on the news tonight and almost chocked on my drumstick.


These dip defecates are doing a lot of free marketing for this product.


I know what I'm picking up tomorrow... Some Mr. Smiley!!! :)


It is Salvia Divinorum and has been around for many years , 10 years ago I bought about an oz of this stuff . 20x extract . 1 hit and you did hullicinate . I would never do this again being that im not a teenager anymore . but the chemical in salvia is salvinorum A or something like that and its naturally in our body already . when smoked it obv messes up the balance of it .they say it isn't harmful but you never know . This has also been recognized as the same chemical that causes dreams and life after death experience in the brain. it's an interesting read . Again I don't reccomend anyone do it . I was a stupid teen then . Now all I do is medicate with the Mary Jane :) I know this is a Medical MJ Forum but since the post was on here , I thought I would give info . In no way would salvia benefit any medical problems.

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They sell k2 at all the shops around here at MSU. RIPPING kids off. 40 bucks for I think 2 or 3 grams of this stuff. All different kinds like blonde, peace out, and so on. Ive never tried it due to the fact there is no reason for me too being a legal patient but the stuff smells like cat litter. I have friends on probation though who do it and it doesn't exactly give the same effects as marijuana. I don't know exactly what it is but I just wouldn't feel healthy smoking it. At least with marijuana you know exactly what it is, its a grown plant and it really isn't going to harm you.

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I agree... I wouldn't feel safe smoking that stuff but it's not salvia divinorum. It is a combination of damaina leaf and some other herb.


Whether it's safe or not doesn't really matter. I feel the government shouldn't be going around making a big fuss about this. All they did was draw attention to the product and increase it's popularity.

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Good reason to legalize recreational marijuana use, huh? Then people will stick with the safer, all natural alternative. Oh, and you can overdose on the main ingredient in most of these "herbal smoking blends." I've tried it, however, and know quite a few people who use it from time to time. I stick with cannabis.

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Guest Wayne

Just the same scary arguments. What crap. What inhalants are better and healthier than something produced by a plant? Were it poison that would be another story, but then there's alcohol. Can someone tell me how this giving up your personal responsibilities works? I mean it sounds like potential Nirvana but I just can't figure out how to make it work. Does someone else become your scapegoat or something? Does that same person care for and love your children so they can communicate with them? Somebody clue me in?

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