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Police Harassment In Holland

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To all the wonderful people who contribute to fulfilling the HollandCCC’s mission:


The goal of the Holland Compassionate Care Community is to be an organized group of individuals who, regardless of our diversity, strive to accept and transcend our differences. We strive to communicate openly but with civility and deep regard for one another’s dignity. As a result, we feel an unusual sense of safety amongst ourselves and are able to engage in effective discussions and act together productively toward our common mission: to educate Michigan residents and doctors about the science and medical value of cannabis; to fight injustice, as we are able, against medical marijuana patients and to work at expanding their rights; to offer support, help, care and camaraderie to each other and to anyone interested in participating with us but especially to persons in our midst whose health well-being is enhanced through the safe and efficacious use of cannabis. (hollandccc.org)


The next meeting of the club will be Tuesday June 22 at 7PM at Herrick Library. The July meeting will be Thursday the 15th. Mark these dates!!!!!!


The meeting last night was dramatic to say the least! During our discussion of what response we as a community might want to make about the raid on the West Michigan Medical Supply and Services and other types of police harassment, in walked Ken and Nichole, the proprietors. Ken presented eye-opening, shocking information about the harassment, among other things, that’s occurring against persons leaving their business in cars. One of our own members was in a car that was pulled over. He told of how the officer made mocking comments, but in the end apologized. Ken is helping our community create a response that I urge everyone to support. Info will come about a future rally. We all agreed that unless we act and do what we can, harassment will continue at its current pace. We also all agreed that things will get better over time, BUT NOT IF WE DO NOTHING. I am thankful, because of the fact that I don’t have a clue how to give leadership to this issue, that Ken and Nichole came and shared ideas about what we can do to fight back. I am relying on them to take the lead in this matter, but encourage everyone to back them up. The business is located at 4284 Blue Star Highway, next to Hansen Collision. They are open for the public on Saturdays from 3-6PM. In addition, if I understand it correctly, they are offering their facility for private event meetings to our club members. We need to start having private meetings asap. As I have time, I will try to get together with them and see what we can work out. But it all takes time, effort and money to get these things and this club going strong. For the first time at a meeting, three people volunteered to help in organizing our club in various ways! Only as this starts to happen more will our group really start growing. But we had 23 people last night! We are growing and moving forward!


Other highlights.


Joshua talked about the new hydro store he is opening next to the Secretary of State Office. The grand opening will be Tuesday June 1st. (298-7395) We badly need a store like this on Holland. Please come to the opening, even if you don’t need to buy anything. All our community will benefit greatly from this new store.


Finally, I again want to thank everyone who came to the meeting last night. I had no clue what interesting, unexpected turns my life would take, after deciding to get involved with the mmj cause. People, life at times is hard. And we need eachother to make it more bearable—and fun too. This is happening, and I am very gratefull to be involved and for your support.


Kurt, Director, the HollandCCC

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