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Anybody Using Rapid Rooters

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this came from bghydro:


Rooting Medium - There are many types of rooting mediums that are available to the gardener. The ones that we are focusing on are: rockwool cubes, Rapid Rooter plugs, Oasis cubes and aeroponic cloning systems. For aeroponic cloning systems (e.g. EZ Clone, Power Cloner and Clone Machine), see “Water Quality”. Rockwool cubes need to be pre-soaked at a pH of 5 prior to placing the cuttings into them (or use Rockwool Soak). Keep the cubes moist but not saturated with water. Once you pour the water onto the cubes and have allowed the excess to drain off, gently squeeze each cube thus making it release more water. If the cutting stays too moist it will have a higher chance of rotting. Rapid Rooters and Oasis cubes are ideal products to clone in as both of these mediums hold less water and allow more oxygen in than the rockwool cubes. Also, neither medium needs to be pre-soaked before being used. The Rapid Rooter plugs also have Trichoderma which is an aggressive fungi that feeds off of other fungi, especially the bad root/stem rot causing fungi.




------im sure you will be 100% fine, but i hope you get some 1st person info from the others.

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I have used them and they work great, I recommend them to others also. Theirs another brand that is very similar to the Rapid Rooters, their called Root Riot their a little cheaper than the Rapid Rooters {Rapid Rooters are $18.99 for 50}. The Root Riot's are {$24.99 for 100} their not always as uniform in size as the Rapid Rooters, but they work just as well.


I use a 9 place seed starting insert, then cut the bottom's out of each of the 9 place starter inserts, so the bottom of the Rapid Rooters show. You can lift the 9 pack starter tray up to check for roots coming out the bottom of the Rapid Rooters. As soon as you see roots usually 7-10 days transplant the rooted clones into Beer cups for soilless, or your hydro medium, they work great for both types of growing.


I put my RR's in Ph adjusted water then squeeze out any excess water to insure they are well hydrated, but not soaked.


I keep mine in small clear Steralite tub about 18" x 12" x 8-9" deep. I open it every day for a couple hours and mist the clones whenever I open or close the lid. It holds about 18-24 cuttings/clones, plenty for my needs.


For starting seeds, just put the seed about an 1/8th" to 1/4" below the top of the RR, you never get seeds blowing out of the RR, like rock wool does either. The RR's are spongy enough to grip the seed until the tap root has embedded into the RR! Rock Wool won't hold the seed and they sometimes lift out of the cube with the tap root never growing into the cube! That sucks when you have expensive genetics.

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rapid rooters to start seeds. will be going to dwc setup.any insight at all will be helpfull. thanks in advance

I use rapid rooters to CLONE only. Use light warrior for seeds once they have been germinated for 4-7 days. The a few more weeks then to Happy Frog and Roots Auroa mix and Ocean Forest and Wiggle worm castings....and a few trade secret things...lol

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