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Mmj And Anti-Depressants

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I have not been on this site in a while so first of all love the new look.


My question is, is anyone on an anti-depressant and have you noticed while medicating any changes? Basically while doing my research about this medication I just started, some people claim that the high they get from smoking is much more intense and "feels as if they are on shrooms" when they are taking Celexa. (which is what I am taking.) Some say less takes more to get them high and others say they can't smoke weed at all anymore because they get so high they black out. I somewhat believe this, because drinking while on anti-depressants is a much more intense feeling I hear from a lot of different people. But I wanted to ask everyone on here since you are much more educated about marijuana and smoke more on a regular basis like myself. Some people who don't smoke regularly can exaggerate quite a bit.

Some background so I don't get questions or judging because I choose to take ant-depressants, I have been sick for the last month with chronic pain. I have my card for endometriosis which has always caused me a lot of pain but I have just dealt with it. As many of you know, you just learn to live with it. The pain got progressively worse during finals (I am only 19 and in college) along with intense chest pain. I thought it might have just been stress. To make this short I went to ER and had tests done on me for weeks and they found nothing except for my kidneys are not functioning properly and some other things were elevated in my blood work. During this time I took a break from smoking and have yet to pick back up so thats why I am asking.

I am on anti-depressants because I have battled depression for over a year and tried dealing with it on my own. I never really believed in them and thought they were always a crutch or "easy way out" but I feel that in some cases they might just be necessary. I am not really a believer in prescription medication in general. But sometimes there comes a time when you just can't be strong anymore. Being sick and in pain all the time is exhausting. Im sure you can all agree. Getting people to understand is frustrating. None of my friends even believe me being the age that we are. They have all really stopped talking to me because they think its all my head. This past semester it really effected my grades in school. The Celexa has helped so far. Ive only been on it a few days so it hasn't really taken its full effect yet.

Any thing you guys have to share is helpful. Everyone on here always has the best advice and things to say. Thanks for all of the support.


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Not sure about the synthetic pills but High Grade sativa's or hybrids can help with depression. Mixin up scripts and alcohol or other synthetics is not good. I would try to find a CG that stocks high grade Sativa's. Or atleast a 50-50 mix or 70-30 sativa to indica mix.

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I was on trazadone and xanax, and than cymbalta and xanax, I was on xanax for over 12yrs along with one of the others mentioned, not to mention the pain meds, vicoden, methadone, duragesic patches (100mg) And a score of other meds, since may of 1998. first of all let me say I dont do any thing but weed now! Im using a stran of good med grade weed that totaly works for all my needs, Im not going to say I dont get depressed ocasionaly, but my mm works for it, Now I have been in pain since may of 98 thats a lil over 12 yrs, so my pain is almost older than you are! Please take no offense, I hear ya on the we just deal with it! we also need to deal with our emotions, if you read enough of my posts you will see im on a lil roller coaster ride my self with emotions, those are feelings we are supposed to feel or we wouldnt have them! If you are in danger to yourself or others, than I would agree do something to help keep you from hurting yourself or others, if not get off all pharmicuticals!


When I was taking methadone for pain, if i smoked bunk weed I got higher than every one else did, it kicked in the meds, sometimes not in a good way, take away the meds and just use the weed and its working welll for me, narcotics pretty much took my life away from me, when i didnt do my usual dose, my body told me I didnt and I needed to do it now, when something unexpected came up in my life, and I had to be taken off of those meds cold turkey after 12 yrs, It almost killed me! I have the i.c.u hospital bill to prove it!


If you can afford to do just mm, than please start weening off of your meds, dont let the one you just started start working, stop it! Im not on no high horse and touting all negs about prescribed meds. on the other hand I know first hand what they did to me, unfortunatly I have to take one med still, and it is because of the yrs I took the other meds, I now have to take a lil pill to enjoy my woman or shall i say so we can enjoy each other! It is directly related to my narcotic taking, as to why i have to take that one lil pill, I may be 47 but im not dead, and my lady total turns me on, but I have e.d and it just dont work unless im on that lil pill that cost me 112 bucks a month! I know TMI


some times the truth realy hurts, my auto accident has totaly took all of my manhood away from me, I cant do even half the things I could do before, I am not the man I used to be!


Please give mm a try and try your best to get off of all other meds, unless you need one to live!


God Bless You!




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Hey Phaq, you and I talked about putting up pics of all the pills/bottles that we used to take daily. We could pile up all those drugs into a giant picture and compare it to the herb we now consume.

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Depression - definetly NOT a FUN thing, for sure;


But, chemical roller-coaster rides, in my "unprofessional" opinion, are at least - if not even more so - dangerous.


Neither is Endometreosis "anything to laugh about".


It amazes, as much as it sadens, me that you are so young, yet sufferingly faced with the pain and symptoms of Endometeosis. Being depressed, whether as a direct consequence of your pain and suffering or not, is not a subject to take lightly at all either.


Unfortunately for way too many, we see that pain respects no "age-limits".


First off, I must applaud your wisely healthy choice to reach out and share your "situation" with others; THAT ALONE is a HUGE STEP in the "right direction"; As much for others as yourself.


(So, thank you for caring and sharing.)


Before I feel comfortable commenting on your concerns, from a laymen's point of view, can you say if you have ever been "treated" with hormone therapy for your "condition"?


Hormone Replacement Therapy has a myriad of health related side-effects - including - if not especially - depression.


Definetly TOP Priority to address EVERY possible consideration.


Sad to say as see, but way too many of us already know from experience that chemicals generally tend to "complicate" long-term treatment and care of a vast array of physical and psychological ailments.


But, I will say that I have read that "smoking" can actually EASE the SYMPTOMS of Endometreosis; Though it isn't clear if the "smoking" referenced is tobacco related, or Cannabis related.


Definetly a very important health topic to address.


Your post, I believe, has the potential to help not only yourself, and members of "Our Community," but also millions of women who share your pain and suffering.


Awhile back, I typed a post about the "complications" of living while daily suffering

with the life-debilitating symptoms of "Fibroids"; I'll see if I can find it and link it here in hopes that it may help - even if only in some small way.


(Perhaps the "mods" can help me find the post, since I can't seem to locate it in the "search bar")


Many of us know and fully appreciate that talking about the things that concern us the most is the Best, First step to Healing - for everyone.


Thanks, for helping us ALL to Heal through the sharing of your pain.


Cannabis Cures - Without Fears.






update: here's the link with the relative post:




I believe the post is #54. Sure hope it helps some.



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Well thank you all to who replied :)

And to Freemannabis for such kind words. They meant a lot.

I have been so busy with school and work haven't been able to get on in a while. I have recently got off the anti-depressant after another trip to E.R. With my personal experience they turned me into a zombie in about a week. I had no emotion, could stair at a wall for hours and let time pass and when I closed my eyes I saw nothing but a bunch of colors. Also curbed my appetite and I lost 8lbs in one week. Made me very light headed and gave me terrible headaches and chest pain and thats what I went to E.R for. I guess I didn't need them after all. I am doing quite better though with getting this new job, starting classes and things so I will be just fine. It was something I needed to deal with on my own.

As far as Freemannabis's question about hormone therapy, I have just start back on birth control. So hoping it eases the pain. What I use now is just MJ and motrin from time to time. I have a prescription for vicodin but my tolerance is so low to that stuff I can't function after just taking one.

Overall, anti-depressants are not for everyone but are certainly necessary when the time is right. I just think my serotonin levels are just fine and didn't need them.

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I take Buspar and Welbutrin for anxiety and depression. I am interested in learning about the interactions between meds and these.



Good luck! There is almost no data on this issue and it is way to complicated to research in most cases. We are still trying to figure out the effects of cannibus- when you say well what about pot and wellbutrin the issue becomes like a metastatic tumor with branches in every direction.


I have two points: 1. We are ALL different. 2. Internet blog sites are a vast repository of data.


So try it and let us all know :thumbsu:

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